Apr 12, 2021

Fuck Duel Monsters, Fuck Konami, Fuck It All!

 About 2 years ago, I commented on how a Blue Eyes deck tempted me to return to Duel Monsters... Well, that didn't work out. The game has changed far too much and it has become far too convoluted for my tastes... The game kinda has turned into a more Pay to Win format than before. Easily spending 3-4 figures on a deck is insane... (back in the day the Envoys could be a bit expensive.) But pretty much most of my decks were built with commonly available  cards and maybe the most expensive ones came from the exclusive card of a tin. Hand traps, pendulums, link summoning... a bunch of mumbo jumbo that feels like you're watching the opponent playing solitaire and you're unable to jack shit about it. It's far worse than a LP burn deck from back in the day. I miss the slower pace from the past eras... your moves were made in multiple turns and both you and your opponent had a fair chance at winning. Nowadays Duels seem to rely on who can onw turn kill the fastest. I miss the back and forth.

I know many people will dismiss this as "nostalgia". While, yes, Nostalgia DOES play a factor in my disdain for the current format, it's not the sole reason. Over a decade's worth of card collecting is now garbage because of the current format. I carried around 12 decks... none of those were able to put a dent on my opponent's Life points.

Pot of Greed is banned for being "too OP" while cards that allow for a First Turn Kill are "not OP".

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