Jan 8, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Every line has a TURD.

This line, of course has Nepthu. (I mean TURD as in Totally Un-Requested Dudes... Crappy Characters, Nepthu is among them, but the king and queen of crap in MOTUC are Spector and Sir-Laser-Lot.) So, Nepthu, the one Filmation character that Neitlich REALLY wanted and his Spectoresque approach to history is now that there were lots of Nepthu Customs online when he thought of adding him to the line-up.

I checked Figure Realm's Custom Figure Showcase and saw no Nepthus. I searched for Nepthu on 2 different computers and a cellphone while using different browsers. I only saw 2 Nepthu Customs. One vintage, One Made out of MOTUC Figures (Probably BEFORE the Filmation rights were announced.) Everything else is unrelated to Nepthu himself, except for the bunch of people who fixed the eyebrows on their MOTUC NEPTHU figures. In some case OTHER Customs made with Nepthu Parts... I even saw a MOTUC Doctor Strange made with some of Nepthu's parts. So, What do you think about Toyguru's statement, Princess Moonbutt?

She said it, not me!

Now, this is the part where I explain who is Nepthu:
He is a bum. Literally a bum, who was looking for a magic ankh to give him super powers. He found it at the Temple of the Sun and he was doing his thing. Chillaxing, testing his powers until he took Zoar. You take Zoar and that puts you on He-Man's people to beat up list. He-Man shows up, Action scenes, breaks the Ankh and Bum is defeated. Sorceress turns Ankh into a fountian and makes Nepthu a Gardener. The End. Then again, my summary of the Episode may be a bit biased. You can check out The Temple Of The Sun if you don't believe me.

I don't like his inclusion in Classics for many reasons, most of them already touched on the TURD rant. Yes, both of my Theoretical Classicized looks for Nepthu and Plundor were very far-off, but that's beside the point.

Since he's a Standard MOTUC Figure, he doesn't deviate from the Standard Articulation. The ankles are a bit tight due to the reuse of Bow's boots.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is mostly old parts, but some of the new parts have a bit of Personality. Am I the only one who thinks that the Biceps on Nepthu could work for 200X Randor or Melaktha (Even better than the Mosquitor biceps)? The only part I have an issue with is the head. It kinda looks more like a Confused Nicolas Cage than it does Nepthu. I think is the paint on his eyes. He needed the black Eye shadow going all the way up to his eyebrows.Paintwise he's 98.7% nice. There's a little slop on the white parts of his headdress.

He comes with the Ankh, which for obvious reasons is HIS Accessory. My only beef with it is the gumminess of it.The Second Accessory is a Crystal Zoar. I'm impressed that Mattel allowed the FourHorsemen to DO a New Zoar instead of making a clear version of the already tooled bird. Sadly Mattel chose a dirty yellow plastic for the bird and it looks more like Frozen Piss instead of a Crystal Falcon.

Nepthu gets a 4.0 as his final score. The character may be one of the crappiest characters ever and one of the most unpopular (except if you're Scott NEitlich), but the Figure is not THAT bad...

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