Jan 26, 2015

Who are the Sharkjumpers?

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. Between them over 30 years of Special Effects experience and 12 years of Mythbusting!
Well, this new season: 2015 has been Shark Jumpingtastic... Cartoons, movies, and now Videogame Myths!!

Yes, they are doing a DOOM Special... I will very likely watch it, but seriously, we're going to verify if a character in a fictional world could carry around the inventory carried in the game in real life and have the same maneuverability as in the game.
(Chainsaw, Gun, 2 Shotguns, Gatling gun, Rocket Launcher, the Fictional Plasma Rifle and BFG-9000.)
Really? We've reached the point that Mythbusters is trying to see if videogame logic works in real life? I'm afraid we may be going downhill.

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