Jan 21, 2015

Poor Poor Venom! What have they done to you!?

I wouldn't call myself a huge Venom fan... But when people say Venom, the first thing I think of is:
 Venom, as drawn by Mark Bagley. (OK I also like Todd McFarlane's Venom, even if it lacks the Miley Tongue)

Throughout the years we had Venom acting like an "Anti-Spidey" The whole Lethal Protector and becoming an occasional threat to Parker.

The bonding of the Overly Attached Symbiote to Eddie Brock was what made Venom popular in the 90s... Then again, the 90s were the Era of EXTREEEEEEEEEEEME! With jackets over spandex and a buttload of clones for Parker.

Also, we can't forget about this.
Then came the New Millenium. Marvel wasn't sure what they were doing with a lot of stuff... Especially the Spider-Stuff. Eddie Brock was dying of Cancer and Scorpion ended up with the Symbiote suit giving us Scorpnom!

To be fair, one of the alleged original ideas for Venom was going to be that the Overly Attached Symbiote would have jumped from host to host while trying its best to be have Parker inside of it.

So, while it seems a bit cool to go to that idea. After 10+ years of Eddie + Symbiote = Venom... It's not that cool...

How can we ruin Venom even more?

Enter Avi Arad. One half of the Toy Biz team... The team that eventually gave us Marvel Legends in the last decade. Bunch of deals and legalese and Toy Biz eating up Marvel, or something. That was how we got the beginings of Marvel movies... Blade, Nic Cage acting as if his skull was on fire, and Tobey Man...

Enter the third movie and we end up with Topher Grace as Venom...
Once you get the idiot from That 70s show as one half of Venom, there is no turning back...
This is the lowest point in Venom's career. There is NO WAY they can top this awfulness.

Guardians of the Galaxy... No, not the movie with a Fast and Furious Groot, the Comics!!
There we got a brand new venom... Good thing that Marvel is doing a Crisis on Infinite Earths under the Secret Wars name...

Seriously, it looks like Ben 10's Cannonbolt, Spawn, and Bane were put in a blender. Then they painted the Venom Spider on it.

Here's the thing: This is Flash Thompson sporting a BRAND NEW SYMBIOTE that is not the Overly attached symbiote that bonded to Parker during the Original Secret Wars. The reason why that symbiote carries the white spider is BECAUSE of its obsession with Parker... If it's a new guy inside the symbiote and it's a new symbiote, then call him something else!

This is almost as stupid as Killing Doc Ock and downloading his brain into Peter Parker.

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