Jan 23, 2015

X-Men: En Sabah Nur Cast has been chosen...

Remember the last X-Men movie, where they soft-rebooted the franchise? The one that had this scene after the credits and made a lot of Marvel Zombies squeal with delight? Which is weird, since this is a Marvel movie made by Fox...

Yes, we got the terrible news that Male Megan Fox is supposedly playing the role of Remy LeBeau.

Now we have the actors to play:

The dick is going to be played by Tye Sheridan... Basically an unknown actor, which is good. He has no stigma of awful roles like the rumored Gambit.

Well, I, uh... not going to make any more references to that Horrible line in this rant, but the girl who will play Storm is: Alexandra Shipp! She has appeared on TV: Switched at Birth, House of Anubis, Victorious, Awkward. She was also on Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakuel and she replaced Zendaya in the role of Aaliyah for the Lifetime tv movie Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.

Last but not least the object of Cyclops' affections.
This is how Cyclops sees her.
Another Westerosi export. Sophie Turner, better known to a lot of people as the most annoying Stark and biggest damsel in distress in all of the seven kingdoms... Sansa Stark.

I'm a bit curious about this. To be honest, I don't care about Storm or Cyke's casting choices.

I'm a bit intrigued about casting Sophie Turner as Jean. Obviously my obsessive watching of the HBO series based on the books by George "I always look for any excuse to not finish the last two books of a series that the first book was published in 1996" R.R. Martin. I've not seen anything with Sophie Turner aside Sansa, so I'm basically used to see her playing a seemingly useless character. Which in a way kinda works for Jean Grey, since she is pretty much useless until the Phoenix Saga. That is a bit weird, having Jean Grey as useless, since she:
-Has Telepathy, like Charles Xavier, but with Better Mobility. (I went there)
-Telekinesis, which is a useful power.
Then why in the hell is she so useless? (Too much power so she gets nerfed... a lot!)

Hopefully, Jean will do something useful in this movie...

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