Jan 25, 2015

Jessie's days are numbered!!

Y'all are aware of my dislike of Disney Channel's show, Jessie. Yes, I admit that I did enjoy the Ultimate Spider-Man crossover with Jessie, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Well, this little bit of news showed on a couple of sites I visit.

Cameron Boyce, who plays Luke on Jessie is getting a new show. then there's the fact that Jessie is on its fourth Season. Disney Channel shows RARELY last longer than 4 seasons. (This 4 season rule scares me for a different reason... GMW) The show's premise is that Boyce is playing a Retired "professional gamer" who has to deal with living a normal life after getting a Thumb Injury that kicks him out of the "Pro Circuit". He visualizes life as a videogame as a coping mechanism.

I find this show incredibly scary. First of all, the whole "Visualizing life as a videogame to cope with his situations" is very pernicious... To quote a loathsome "media critic", but back on topic. Gamers have been getting a bad rap thanks to the whole Gamergate debacle. No, it's not about Misogynistic Virgin Neckbeards harassing women online from their basements. It's more about people getting fed up with the bullcrap going on in gaming Journalism for some years. (The incident with the "indie game developer" was basically the Straw that broke the camel's back.) But that's a long story that I'm not currently interested in dealing with. So I'll just say: Don't listen and believe, but try to do your best to fact check. Now back to the topic once again. Gamers have had a horrible reputation for the last 20 years. Back then it was Jack Thompson complaining about violence, today we have . Now we have hipsters recycling the Thompson rants and adding sexism to the list of evils. Now going back to the Jack Thompson angle.

If this show uses the idea that the main character sees life as a videogame to "cope" with his situations, then it's perpetuating another bad rap that gamers get. They can't distinguish between real life and fantasy. Pretty much what Jack tried to convince people of.

Here's a pair of quotes that Executive Vice President of Original Programming at Disney Channels Worldwide Adam Bonnett said:

"With the popularity of video games and electronic sports, we're thrilled to give our audience a new series that spotlights one of their biggest passions and features fan-favorite star Cameron Boyce,"
If that sounded like words from a person who is REALLY out of touch with videogame culture, then you are likely to be correct.

"We are bringing the video game universe to life and giving our popular multi-camera series a fresh, new twist by integrating gaming visual effects into each episode."
Oh no... This is just another excuse to try and make one of those weird "live action with cartoon elements hybrid shows" as seen with the failed Cartoon Network show out of Jimmy's head and Disney's Kirby Buckets...

The worst part is the Title of the show: The Gamer's guide to pretty much everything."
Basically, take one bad Disney Channel Comedy show, then make the character be the character played by the late Jonathan Brandis in Sidekicks, but instead of having Chuck Norris fantasies with Generic videogames that will make this look like a Masterpiece...

Before Reboot fans get angry at me, you have to accept that the animation has not aged well.

I wonder if Disney will have subtle Disney Infinity ads in the show.

So, yes, I fear the impact this show will have in more ways than one.

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