Jan 8, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Zee Petit Mermaid!

As I promised on August 5th 2011, Here's the Mandatory Under the Sea Reference.
Un...durr the SEA!!♪
 Now that Mermista is here, I can put that to rest!! Yes, The Mermaid of Power is here!

So, Mermista: Fake French Accent, turns into a Gal out of the Water and when She's PMSing, look out!

There is not much to say about Mermista, aside being the Water Princess of PoP. Being a Fantasy line, MOTUC NEEDED a Mermaid badly, now we have one. Let's check her out!

She turns into a human too!
With a badly twisted Ankle to boot!
 Since She has two modes, let's check them out separately:
The Human Mode has the standard Female 2.0 Articulation: No Rockers and no boot cut.

The Mermaid mode has a thigh hinge, ball knees and fin.
 So, the overall Articulation for Mermista is a 3.75

Paint and Sculpt:
Mermista seems to be using many new pieces, due to her transforming feature. The boots seem similar to those of Peekablue (who hasn't shown up yet.) but they look a bit off. She looks like she twisted her right ankle. She seems to have a very pronounced mons pubis, when in Human form.The Mermaid form is so detailed with all the glittery scales. She is as sparkly as Edward Cullen. Just be careful when handling her tail, otherwise you might end up being AS Sparkly as a Twipire. 
Merman's Revenge?
 Let's see: One extra set of legs, one stand for the tail, one PoP Shield, which is exactly like all the others before it and a battle shell that she blows while going into battle.


Mermista gets a 4.25 as her final score. She is not perfect, but she is pretty exciting as a character that I barely wanted, aside the Under the Sea Joke and maybe to get a pic of her with a Croissant to make fun of her fake French Accent...

This reminds me of something else...

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