Jan 24, 2015

New Mythbusters format...

The new season of Mythbusters started a while back and now I was able to see more than one episode. (Indiana Jones Special, A-Team Special) I missed out on The Simpsons Special...
See the trend? It's all about _____Special... Just like when they were on a bit of a rut and still had Kari, Tory, and McShill.

My thoughts on these new episodes?
It's pretty much the same format as the later episodes with the Build Team, minus the Build Team.
Now with more time for Adam's cosplay antics and Hyneman's painful reactions to them.
On a more positive note, there's more room for some decent trivia tidbits and a bit of more sciency explanations that were missing from later Mythbusters episodes.

So, basically, the showrunners are simply showing how Unnecessary the Build Team's role on the show was. It may feel like a bit of a dick move to some, but in a way the showrunners are kinda right.

While I'm not trying to dismiss the skills that the Build Team has, we have to accept that Kari was mostly there as eye candy. Tory was playing the role of Mini-Adam...

And Grant, well... He used to be a Chibi Hyneman... So, for a while, in the last few years, the Build Team got a bit of prominence and back in 2010 I found it a bit annoying. (To the point of wanting Mythbusters to be cancelled if necessary)

My main gripe with these episodes (ever since the last few years) are the focus on ____ Specials.
They kinda turn to recreating scenes from movies or shows and less on Urban Legends that need to be verified. Seriously, I do not need a Mythbusters: My Little Pony special where Adam and Jamie try to recreate the Sonic Rainboom or something.

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