Jan 16, 2015


This rant is a bit special (like the Matty reveal rants) where I write parts of it at different intervals and publish it when it's completed. As you can see in the CAPS LOCKED Title of the rant, this is a Boy/Girl Meets World rant. The reason for this rant is the January 16th GMW episode: Girl Meets Master Plan. Basically, Riley, the Topangaborn is trying to set up Cory's Other Wife with Maya's Mom.

Here comes the Rant BEFORE WATCHING THE EPISODE... My thoughts may change after watching the episode, or not.

I don't think that Forcing Shawn to be Maya's Stepfather is a great idea. Cory having an opposite gender Mini-Cory is one thing, but the opposite gender Mini-Shawn doesn't NEED Shawn in order to exist. We've seen all the episodes where Maya was basically a Girl Shawn WITHOUT having the Original Shawn around. It's already a bit too forced that the show has a Mini Cory, a Mini Eric/Morgan, a Mini Shawn, a Mini Minkus and a Piece of Cardboard that is supposed to be Mini Pangy!
Pairing Shawn with Mini Shawn's mom feels off. I'd rather have Shawn be the Mini Mr. Turner to the Mini Shawn... Since Cory is now Mini Feeny. Putting Shawn in the "father role" for Maya would reduce the need for Maya to rely on Mr. Matthews for advice. Also, Shawn cannot have a "Happy ending" if he wants to remain as a compelling character. He's supposed to be the Anti-Cory. This brings me to the Angela part I mentioned in the title.

Various people have been demanding Angela to return to Girl Meets World and marry Shawn.
That is a HORRIBLE Idea. Much worse than pairing Shawn with Maya's mom.
-Angela and Shawn broke up over 13 years ago. That's plenty of time to move on with their lives. If they didn't that's a bit unhealthy, don'tcha think?
-Angela didn't have a real connection to Cory and Topanga, therefore she is not really needed in Girl Meets World.
-If Shawn were to marry Angela, that would give Mr. Hunter even LESS Opportunities to be at the Matthews' residence, which means less Shawn in GMW.

The only possible positive that I see is that tying Shawn down with Maya's mom would mean that he COULD appear more often... Then again, we've seen Stuart Minkus only once and we have not seen Cardboard Cowboy's parents.

Now after watching the Episode here are my thoughts:

A few references to Angela... Expected and that's what Angela should stay as... A reference.
Cardboard Cowboy was somewhat useful.
The Katy/Shawn dynamic seemed a bit cliched with the whole arguing a lot because they both care about Maya.
I would like to see how this develops... Hopefully, if they are going with the whole Shawn = Maya's Stepfather, they need to not force the Shawn/Katy relationship.

I think I'm starting to see some similarities between Katy and Chet Hunter and that's not good!

Hopefully Chet's fate is not in the cards for Katy...

My thoughts of Angela being unneeded still stand. Same thing applies to Rachel, Eric's best friend Jason, Joey the Rat, or Frankie the Enforcer, etc. The only BMW characters who should appear in GMW are The Matthews (Allan, Amy, Eric, Josh, and Morgan) Mr. Feeny, and Shawn Hunter... Jack Hunter would be pushing it. The show is about Cory's daughter, not Cory. Even if GMW WAS about Cory, Angela is not needed, because of her somewhat distant relationship with Cory.

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