Jan 3, 2015

Hey What the!? Oklahoma's going a bit too far!

Looks like Altaïr, Ezio and the other AssCreed Main Characters are going to be VERY Expensive cosplays in Oklahoma, if a certain bill against Hoodies and other disguises is turned into law. 
Think about it. This law could make it illegal to wear a scarf, sunglasses, beanies, caps, etc. because the officers enforcing said law could interpret any of these as a crime... Even if a real crime like mugging is not happening. I understand the OLDER LAW about the illegality of committing a crime while concealing your identity. To curb the usage of Klan Klothing when Kommitting Krimes. (Yes it feels a bit like Mortal Kombat when having to write so many Ks.)

Sure the article says that there's a few exceptions:
The bill's language includes exemptions for religious garments, weather protection, safety or medical purposes, parades, Halloween celebrations, masquerade parties, "minstrel troupes," circuses, sporting groups, mascots or "other amusements or dramatic shows."

Minstrel Troupes? Really, Oklahoma? You want to use that term?
According to Merriam Webster's Online dictionary a Minstrel is:
: a musical entertainer in the Middle Ages

: a member of a group of entertainers who performed black American songs and jokes usually with blackened faces

So, how can Oklahoma even ENFORCE this law? I mean if it becomes a Law. This means that the Police is going to be wasting their already limited resources on enforcing this law, while more important crimes are ignored. Then again there's plenty of excuses to avoid the ticket, so that kinda makes it a bit harder. The creepy part of this project, IMO is that it lends itself for Racial Profiling. With the issues surrounding the US and allegations of racism from law enforcement, this bill, should it become law; would be more ammunition for this "war". We also have to remember that OK has an older law to prohibit wearing concealing items while committing a crime (due to Klansmen Kriminal Akts). So in a way there seems to be a history of racism in Oklahoma. So, it wouldn't be surprising if certain law enforcers happened to stumble upon more people of a different ethnicity that happen to be wearing hoodies. These people will suddenly look "suspicious" in the eyes of this officer. OR what if some people are wearing hoodies from another sports team?

So, what Oklahoma really needs is for Kevin Bacon to come in wearing a Hoodie and telling them how wrong this proposed bill is.

Yes I'm making a reference to Footloose, because, guess what State had a town with the ridiculous Dancing Ban that inspired this movie? If you are thinking of Oklahoma, then you're correct!

This goes to show that not even odd news can escape from Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

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