Jan 17, 2015

Modulok could use an Upgrade...

The MOTUC Modulok is an amazing figure. The only flaw that it has is that the Torso doesn't pop off at the waist... and that he has less Y-Connectors than his vintage figure... if we wanted to nitpick.

Multibot is coming and he is supposed to have the capacity to pop off at the waist just like the vintage figure. In order to make a true Megabeast, we need a Modulok Torso that can pop-off at the Torso. So... here's a crazy idea: A Modulok Upgrade pak.
I have to admit that I was kinda inspired by another toyline.

YES, The Centurions were partly an inspiration for this idea. The other part of the idea is that there are some extra pieces floating around that could be used for Modulok.

Here's the idea: Modulok expansion pak.
We could use some of Modulok's basic parts (The Red legs with Monster feet should be included to help Normal Modulok owners to somewhat make a Filmation Modulok)
Also we could use Lizard Man's hands and feet on the insectoid modulok arms and legs... Maybe even the Mantenna legs.
More Y connectors.

The only new pieces would be:
-Torso that can detach at the crotch and has a hole on the back that you could attach pieces to.
-New crotch that can be attached to the Torso
-Modified crotch for Mermista's mermaid tail.

That way we can have aquatic and aerial configurations for Modulok. (the Hole in the back is to attach a Y-Connector to plug in the wings.)

If Mattel wanted they could even toss a pair of new arms for Multibot that can use the extra plug in pieces we are supposed to have lying around thanks to the weapons packs. It would also serve as a nod to the 200X Multibot that was meant to be made out of a bunch of weapons.

The only thing going against this idea is that it "deviates from tradition", a.k.a. the infamous Nostalgia Trap.

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