Jan 2, 2015

Paul Feig promises to not ruin Childhoods (GB Related)

Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids and the director of the Ghostbusters reboot, tweeted recently that he would try to not ruin our childhoods. All I have to say is: Too late for that!!
You're stubbornly trying to shoehorn in some fake "progressiveness" by making all the Ghostbusters into women and if the rumored lists are to be believed, there is very little diversity in an all white female cast... Sure, one of them is fat, but they are all white. At least the Male GBs were slightly more progressive by having a black guy as a GB. Also, the idea of making the movie scary kinda goes against the way GB movies should be in general. So, that's 2 out of 2 for "Childhood ruining", Mr. Feig. So far it hasn't been MICHAEL BAY kind of "Childhood ruining" but you ARE getting there.

I know that some people (usually the defenders of crap like Bayformers or the TMNShreks) will try to use the argument that "they are not ruining anyone's childhoods because your memories and the originals are still there." which is NOT what the phrase "ruined my childhood" means.

The phrase "ruined my childhood" usually means one of two things:

a) some not so child friendly joke (accidentally or intentionally) put on a show from the person's childhood.

Some would say that these clips "ruined their childhood" after realizing the kind of jokes hidden in children's cartoons.

b) when an adaptation of something related to a person's childhood is changed so drastically from what it was back then to a point that one feels like they just took a massive dump on this cherished property.

Like say, taking a movie about big robots fighting each other being turned into a movie with VERY LITTLE of said Robots. Most of the movie was Shia LaBeouf, Anthony Anderson, The US Military and a sprinkle of Transformers

The FREAKING SONG says that the TF are about the Autobots and their battle to defeat the evil forces of the Decepticons. (paraphrasing here)

Or how Star Wars became a Boring Political drama about Trade Federations and Racist Jamaican Stereotypes when it was a series about a huge war against an intergalactic empire.

Ghostbusters' reboot under Feig fits the second definition.

He has already stated that he doesn't want to be tied to the Original and that he wants to do his own thing. That is another thing that puts him in "ruining my childhood" territory.

If they are going to reboot, they need to be faithful to the original in certain elements, Characters, origins, villains. YYou know, faithfulness to the Source Material.

Straying too far from the Source Material lands you on the "in name Only" Territory. Right now, Feig's Project seems to be bordering the -INO territory.

If Feig wanted the Ghostbusters name and have nothing to do with the REAL Ghostbusters, he should have adapted THIS instead:

In looking for stuff to attach as videos for this rant, I came across an episode from 1987... Egon's ghost... Damn! That was prophetic...

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