Jan 19, 2015

Perennial Constipation in the Marvel cinematic Universe?

Aw Hell naw! This is worse news than Will Smith doing the Suicide Squad for DC... Kristen Stewart is either IN Captain America 3 or is TRYING to get in Captain America 3.

We all know the enormous range that K-Stew has as an Actor.
But the idea that she'll play a Marvel Character scares me... Precisely for the same reason that she jokes about how people perceive her...

She will not be whatever character she is meant to play (assuming that she IS playing a character in the MCU), but she'll be the same one note, outkeanuing Keanu Reeves in wooden Acting, combined with her perennially constipated look which screams Kristen Stewart playing Kristen Stewart in Captain America 3.

Movie Pilot has a small list of characters for K-Stew to poop on:

1-Ms. Marvel (now Captain Marvel)
2-Amora the Enchantress

There is only one character I think she could play, but Squirrel Girl fans will be mad at me... K-Stew should Totally play Squirrel Girl... Think about it K-Stew beating Thanos... Holy crap! I can't believe I now WANT K-Stew in the MCU... but only as Squirrel Girl!! If it's anyone else, no dice!

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