Jan 9, 2015

It came from the toy chest: Poor man's Orko

Now that we got Gwildor's character profile down to the most simplistic tetms; I can review this 1987 movie figure.

Gwildor does not have the standard articulation. He has less articulation than a standard figure. Like other small figures his articulation is a bit limited, but unlike the smaller ones (like's Kowl) his articulation it's closer to a female figures. Give or take a few POA. Don't expect posing him in badass kung fu poses.

For a more detailed rundown on the Articulation keep on reading:
Head on a Balljoint like most MOTUC Figures.
Balljoint Shoulders
Balljoint Elbows
Rotating wrist
Waist twist.
Thighs. (Only forwards and backwards, no thigh cut articulation for thigh rotation)
Boot cut
Ankle Articulation

Paint and Sculpt:
Here is where the Horsemen outdid themselves! Just luke Blade, Gwildor looks as close to the movie look as possible without having the actual rights to the movie looks.
The paintjob is very detailed and he can make plainer characters, like Madame Razz look like they're not from the same line. There is a small part of me that believes in this buck with new arms and legs could be reused for Cursed Marzo.

He comes with his movie staff and a toy inspired repaint of the cosmic key we saw with Hamburglar He-Man.
I need some SEX on my wrist!!
He also comes with an oversized cosmic key inspired by the prototype for the roleplay size cosmic key that Mattel never released. I gotta be honest I kinda like the big key but, I kind of feel it's a bit unnecessary. Especially for a $35 figure. Then again, one could make a cast out of it and cut off the prongs... Then the copy could be used for cosplay... Seriously, it's near the perfect size for it!

Gwildor gets a 4.17 as his final score, which is OK for a little guy that is a bit too expensive. I understand that his sculpt and paintjob ate up some of the budget, but the big ass Ram Man box looks like it wasted a lot of cardboard and plastic for him. For $35 we should have gotten a bit more. Can't say that $35 if reasonable when we had King Hiss, Mantenna, Mermista, Dactus and other figures sold at Standard Figure cost and came super packed!He simply FEELS a little bit like a rip-off. A cool looking Rip-off, but you get the idea.

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