Jan 14, 2015

Miley has released official nude pics... Let's talk about Nepthu.

So, letting y'all know about the Miley naked thing, something something publicity for something but instead seems like a desperate plea for attention from the Achy Breaky Daughter. That's all I'm going to say on Ms. Cyrus. Now, let's talk NEPTHU!!

Y'all know that I got one as a gift from the Magi. Y'all know that I LOATHE that character and believe he's a wasted slot.

We know about the possibility of a compatible scaled line with the 2016 rebranding. We kinda know about Neitlich's seemingly misogynistic attitude towards MOTU.

Think about it:
Evil Lyn= Depowered and sent to the future.
Sorceress = Dead
Teela = Next Sorceress of Grayskull and rumor has it the Castle explodes.
Queen Marlena = After Randor's death she is sent to Earth. (Remember that this is decades after Marlena disappeared and was most likely declared dead.)
Adora/She-Ra = Becomes evil and fights an Older He-Man.

Then we have how most of the PoP Characters were tossed under another subscription to keep them off the main line.

We also have how he put up Huntara up against Masque (hoping that he would have won) or Mara against Darius and Tuskador.

It almost paints a pretty misogynistic pic of Mattel's former Manager of MOTU... Note that I'm not saying he IS a misogynist. I'm only saying that these few things, when looked at together can seem like there's a bit of misogyny involved.

Now, back to Nepthu, wasted slots and no Crita in 2015.
Club Filmation could have benefited of giving the Nepthu Slot to another character.
Masque is an obvious choice, given that Shokoti was there on that sub, but here's the thing. There were PLENTY of characters that Mattel could have used there for the sake of completion.
The already mentioned Masque, or my favorite Archaeologist, Melaktha could have used it.

Queen Elmora, while not AS Popular, she has a connection with Strongarm and the upcoming Lizard Man. Not to mention that Queen Elmora would have allowed Mattel to recoup some of the costs of Shadow Weaver's Unique Tooling.

Kittrina, a popular Cat Lady that I'm not a fan of her, but I can see why she is popular...
She would have required a lot of tooling, but that would have given us a furry female buck that could have been reused on an Ugly Harpy or a 200X Female Avionian.

Speaking of Avionians of the fairer sex. The most obvious character to use on that slot and "force" people into double dipping was Delora, with an Extra Hawke Head.

Or a bit more obscure Bowena. She's basically a stereotypical female Archer... (Think along the lines of a Gender Swapped Pre-Crisis Green Arrow... or a Gender Swapped Robin Hood).

Or if the Former BM actually cared about POP he could have tossed in Melog (Second form) which is pretty much the Magical She-Faker. This one, they could have made quite easily since all they needed was a new hairpiece and dress. The rest of  her muddy body could have been achieved by paint and creative reuse of parts.

We could also mention the Xerxes looking Garn from Filmation, Negator, Game Master, Red Knight and many other characters that could have fit in that slot better than Nepthu and might have not even needed as much new tooling. Not to mention that SOME of these are a bit more memorable than Nepthu.

I know bitching about Spilled Milk solves nothing. Here's the thing:
Due to weird management choices, we are stuck with 2/3 of the New Adventures cast, a Hodgepodge of Filmation and 200X characters that WILL BE MIA by the end of 2015. With that said, the Rebranding means that we'll revisit SOME Familiar faces. Translation: those MIA Folks may be pushed back even further BECAUSE of the Rebranding. That's without mentioning vehicles, playsets and all the other stuff... This is what makes me nervouscited about 2016... (though I'm feeling a bit pessimistic about it.)

This next SDCC, MATTEL NEEDS TO WOW US MOTUC CONSUMERS IF they want to make 2016 happen!

They also need to avoid unwanted characters that were simply put on the roster, because the person in charge liked them.


  1. I totally agree. When we look back on this line, most of us will be thinking to ourselves, "Why did we get this figure when we could have gotten so many others?" While not a huge fan NA, I do like the figures and am excited for certain characters that I hope we get to.

    I don't know that TG is a misogynist, but I do feel like he doesn't have a great vision or view for female characters. She-Ra becoming evil makes no sense and seems sloppy. Unless there is a larger story that we aren't aware of yet. Of course I don't even know how much he had to say with those bios, but they sometimes leave much to be desired.

    I also agree that Mattel really needs to bring it for 2016. In a way that will bring in fans and make us fall in love with the line all over again.

    1. I don't think he is one either, but the fact that he pretty much moved the 4 main MOTU ladies out of the picture and made She-Ra fail horribly by turning her into a villain in the end doesn't look good.

      Looks like I'll have to wait until the 2015 mini comics to see the full picture.