Jan 6, 2015

The Magi left a few presents... 200X Mini Sub Rumors and the final slot rumors.

I'll deal with the It Came from the Toy Chest Later in the week, but a few people have been commenting about the 200X Sub Rumors. So, without further ado, here's the list that has been circling around.

So far there's no Sub Exclusive figure like in Club Etheria. The sub seems to be more like the Club Filmation sub. 6 figures.

Evil Seed: To be fair he was teased a while back with the little vine thingie. So that means one slot is still open on 2015. I've argued that he COULD be done with plenty or reused parts, but I have a feeling that the Horsemen might not go that route with him.

Veena: Queen of Castle Grayskull/First Sorceress of Grayskull: It makes sense for her to be in this sub, since she "kinda rounds up the Preternia era". I'm torn here because I want her, but I want a 200X Sorceress more... Think of all the Sunbutt references I could make with Sorceress... Oh yeah! Princess Sunbutt also voiced Veena, so never mind!

Callix: The Horde Redshirt: He seems to have a moderate following, plus he's an additional Hordesman.

Prahvus: He also seems to have a fan following... for an evil goat dude.

Ceratus: Whiplash's brother and heroic Lizard Dude. Best part of him coming is the possibility of making a more 200X Accurate Whiplash with some of his parts.

Kulatak Elder: He's got a name like Chubby-Loh or something, but I'll call him Kulatak Elder because that is simpler to type.

Aside Callix, I pretty much nailed the list back when I was suggesting a theoretical 200X Sub without variants. To be fair, this was rather easy given the small pool of 200X Characters available.

As I said on Evil Seed, the Final Slot remains open and the rumors are...

Ginger NA He-Man wannabe, Dare is the rumored Final Slot for 2015. If this rumor is true, all I have to say is Dammit, dammit, dammit!

I get why, if true, he was chosen. The whole: The line started with He-Man's ancestor, then let's end it with He-Man's Descendant" thing sounds nice on paper. The problem lies on the whole:
"2014 and 2015 are the Vintage Wrap-up years and that will include all Vintage MOTU, including variants, All Vintage PoP minus variants, KEY/A-LIST characters from NA, filmation, mini comics, and 200X."

Gorpo, NA She-Ra, Jade King Grayskull, and now DARE are four figures that their slots could have gone to some unmade key characters. (Like Crita, Lord Masque, Kayo, etc.)
On the other hand having Dare without Skeleteen is a bit stupid.

I'm seriously hoping that the Dare Rumor is false!! The sub rumor seems OK... though I hope there is an exclusive to make it a nice odd seven figures.

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