Jan 18, 2015

Karg COULD BE MADE (in the not MOTUC 2016 line)

According to an answer to a recent What The Fans Want To Know (or the really long name for He-Man.org's Ask Matty) there is a possibility that Mattel COULD DO Karg.
Here's the question asked by user Penny Dreadful and Mattel's answer:
It is known that Mattel does not have the rights to character designs from the '87 movie for characters that were not made into figures during the 1980s. However, one of the major film characters, Karg, appeared prominently as a comic character in the US He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Magazine which Mattel/DreamWorks owns the rights to. Would it be possible for Mattel to release a Karg figure based on his design from the magazine as opposed to his design from the film? 

That is something we would have to re-evaluate. Before we could do the figure we’d have to re-examine our current rights and what can be done in the future. There are a lot of great figures that we could do, especially if there is a demand for them.

 Mattel is re-evaluating their position with Karg. So there is a chance that he COULD GET MADE!! That is a WONDERFUL Thing!! If for some reason you have not seen The Movie, Karg is the Elizabethan Pirate/80s Hair Band Tina Turner looking dude... His importance is based on him being the LAST of the Movie's new Evil Warriors. The other two are Blade (who I own) and Saurod, who is coming in 2015.
Karg has been left behind before (Original MOTU Line) now the rights issue with WB (who bought the Canon Films library) is a bit tricky.
Now enter the loophole that Penny Dreadful mentioned...
If you look at Movie Karg AND The Magazine story Karg; you'll notice many differences.
First, the colors. Movie Karg is sporting some golds and tans on his clothing with some accents in black. Magazine Karg is Mostly in black with blue highlights. The Other Huge difference is the Hook Hand. The movie version has a Left Hand Hook, while the Magazine Version is sporting the Hook on the Right Hand.
 The last difference is on the skin and hair.
Movie Karg has Platinum Blond hair and a kind of undead flesh color for his skin.
Magazine Karg's blond is a bit more yellowish and he has Evil Lyn levels of Jaundice.

Here's the thing: Getting the "As close to the Movie version without being the Movie Version" of Karg would be awesome (as seen with Gwildor and Blade) but I would trade Movie Accuracy for the sake of simply GETTING a MOTUC Compatible Karg.

Let's hope that Mattel is able to do him.

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