Jan 31, 2015

GB3 cast has been chosen... Making Trank's 4 look better by the second.

Oh no... they are actually going with this and as expected, Melissa McCarthy is in it... I also realized that she is related to Jenny McCarthy... Remember her? She used to be on MTV's Singled Out, before she left to have her own show...

She wasn't that funny to be honest, but everyone gave her a pass because she was hot and her playmate background made her fap fodder to many young men watching MTV in the 90s.

So, now I can understand Melissa McCarthy a bit better. She's pretty much using Jenny's handbook to comedy but now with fat jokes. Still, she is not funny...

Kristen Wiig, I can tolerate. She can be funny AT TIMES, but at other times, eh, not so much. So she's a bit of a "wild card" here.

The third (SJW friendly gimmick) buster is Kate McKinnon who I only know for her Justin Bieber impression...

The fourth SJWFG Buster is Leslie Jones... whose work I'm very unfamiliar, aside a few recent SNL sketches and all I've seen is her playing a "Loud ghetto black lady" stereotype.

So, they got a token black lady... This got to make this remake that according to Feig himself:

We want to have fun with giving nods to what came before, but we don’t want to be bound by it because Katie and I already have talked at length and we have really fun ideas for things. But we want to tell the stories that we would like to tell, which means we want to tell the character arcs that we want to tell, which means we want to start with some of our characters in a different place or with different personalities and things they have to overcome and learn through the experience of this first movie.
somewhat closer to the original, even if they are discarding most of the original movie. So, what's the point?

Now, I must once again point out that being against this movie is not any of the following:

Being in favor of this movie IS Sexist! Think about it: What reason has Feig given to remake Ghostbusters with women other than he wants to do Ghostbusters with women?
Where's the equality here? They just Rule 63'd the Male Busters.
Wiig is the Egon
Jones is the Winston
McCarthy is the Peter (You know she WILL get slimed, because Fat people getting hurt = Comedy gold... Betting she'll slip and fall with the slime and will need help to get up, or she'll get stuck on the firehouse's pole.)
McKinnon the Ray

Sure, they're likely not to be named after the original Busters, but you get the idea. The dislike this project is getting is mostly Fieg's fault, because right from the start, before having any story ideas or anything he began with the "Let's turn these male characters into women" gimmick. As soon as Feig was mentioned to be the director, the name Melissa McCarthy popped into everyone's minds... Followed by this thought:

Now, the official cast confirmed all the fears people had. McCarthy + Wiig = almost Bridesmaids 2?
McCarthy gets a lot of flak due to her comedic styling.

to Feig, THIS is gold! To me it's a sad attempt at being funny that looks a bit too forced.
Which is the reason why many are turned off by McCarthy as a comedienne. Personally, Sony should just let this (and Spider-Man) go.

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