Jan 15, 2015

Mezco + Thundercats toys = ???

Mezco, the makers of the cool Thundercats statues that I don't collect because:
-They're statues
-They're statues

seems to be the ones with the license to make Thundercats in Action Figure Form. According to Thundercats.org (I just found out there's a .org for the Thundercats) they will reveal stuff on Toy Fair... February 2015!!

Cause we're talking Thundercats...

Based on the Three MK Figures I've seen by Mezco, the idea of Thundercats action figures seems appealing to me. HOPEFULLY Mezco will get the memo and make them in SEVEN Inches in order to be compatible with another toyline from another company... You know the one I'm talking about!

Just picture a MOTU vs Thundercats display (assuming the T-Cats are in scale with MOTUC) and you'll see why I'm feeling excited!

On the Other Hand, I have a few reasons to be scared.
The $65 DKR Batman with CLOTH CLOTHES comes to mind.

- Paying $65 for a Figure close to MOTUC Scale hurts... A Decent set of the CORE CORE characters will be more expensive than a MOTUC Sub.

-CLOTH CLOTHING at 1:12 or scales close to 1:12 doesn't look as good as it should. Mumm-ra's bandages come to mind.

So, let's hope they are closer to the MK Figures in cost than this Batman.

With that said, there is ONE THING that MEZCO needs to make sure happens is:
We HAVE to get the Following Figures:
-Lion-O (w/Snarf)
-Mumm-Ra: The Ever Living!
-Mumm-Ra Depowered

We get those twelve and everything else is gravy. I would have added Pumyra, Lynx-O and the Lazy Tygra Repaint, but requesting 15 figures can be a bit too much.

Now, since Mezco is not necessarily tied to the whole children's toys thing... Does this mean we can get the Naked Thundercats from the first episode?

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