Jan 4, 2015

Ugh! The Neitlichverse is making me sick... Pt I

I did an episode of Council of the First Ones a while back, where we discussed some of the recent bios and once again, the Neitlichverse made me want to facepalm so hard that I was considering Facewall as a viable option...

So, instead of a whole bitching and moaning about Clones, second born sons, Horrible "Real names" or how the POP ladies are pretty much useless in combat... Except Mermista, who went all Mortal Kombat on Merman...

I've already mentioned how I see the Horde's pecking order on a previous rant.

Now, I'm going to use this post to more or less organize my fan continuity... Or at least start to.
Incredibly enough, as much as some elements of the Neitlichverse disgust me; my fan continuity WILL use some elements from it, as well as some elements from vintage toy canon (mini comics), Filmation, Jetlag, MYP and other sources. (Wish I could name them all, but I'm not even sure where some of the ideas come from) I'm no professional writer, nor I'll pretend to be one. This is mostly for my personal use, but since I've shown some bits and pieces of my fan continuity; I might as well share the whole thing... In pieces because Keep reading the bios!!

I guess I should start with a Timeline: (It still is incomplete, since there's plenty of figures left and I need some wiggle room to add them.) There are gaps left on purpose to keep some of the storyline vague.This is mostly as a way to keep my fan continuity somewhat accessible and easy to tweak. There's no need to tell EACH and every time He-Man and Skeletor fight, just KEY events.
Warning: There will be some Original characters to flesh out some parts of the story, or pad out certain chapters. I may talk more about them in future posts.  I must point out that this version of the Timeline has Planet Earth on it, since it stays closer to the standard MOTU mythos. Between 2004-2008 I had a MOTU timeline (without MOTUC influence, because there was no MOTUC) that erased Earth. I did change some things as Marlena being the Child of King Miro, while Keldor and Randor were not princes, but the blood of King Grayskull flowed through them. (Making Adam and Adora the champions with the most Royal Blood in all Eternia.)

-Multiverse is created. The (in)Famous Big Bang Theory... (The actual Big Bang, not the awful show that can be a mockery of nerd culture at times.)

-This cosmic explosion allows a sentient wave from a different (higher) plane to enter this plane.

-"The Wave" allows for life to develop. These new Life forms became the Elder gods.
Using their newfound powers, this pantheon began to bring life into the Multiverse. (Standor went to create a Universe with Kirbor, but had a fallout after Kirbor assisted in the creation of another universe.) The entities known as Tay-Lor, Gluttor, Sweetrogor, and Scheimor began shaping the Universe we are focusing on.

-After the Universe was created, 3 of these cosmic beings began to fight each other and breaking the fine balance of the universe. The fourth being, Scheimor suggested that they should all become one with the Universe in order to protect their creation. They all agreed and dispersed their power across the Universe before moving unto a higher plane.

-Scheimor touched the Trollans before moving on to the higher plane of existence.

-On the planet we know as Eternia, the First Civilization flourished as a world of science and technology. The influence of the other 3 cosmic beings brought the planet to its knees before being completely eradicated.

-The Trollans began to study the Universe and discovered the Star Seed Phenomena. Pockets of Energy from the Cosmic Creators that could bring life or death to various worlds.

-Studying the Star Seeds, the Trollans learned the ways of science and magic then they became almost as gods themselves.

-The Un-Named One was born out of the dark energies of the warring cosmic beings. This formless evil began corrupting worlds while looking for Star Seeds to create a physical body capable of withstanding his corrupt energy.

-The Trollans sensing the threat of the Un-Named One, began a plan to neutralize it.

-On Eternia, life began anew, thanks to the Star Seed. Sensing the Power of the Eternian Star Seed, the UNO sent its Snakemen to conquer the reborn planet.

-The Trollans fight UNO and encase him on a dead Star Seed within one of his corrupted worlds (The world we currently know as Horde World).

-From within his new Prison, UNO begins to shape a new Army: The Evil Horde. Using an inhabitant of this world as his herald (Horde Supreme), UNO vows revenge on the Trollans.

-With UNO imprisoned, the Trollans use their power to create a Weapon that can stop UNO, The Sword of Power. It is given to the man who will be known as the wizard, He-Ro.

Early Preternia: (He-Ro era)

-The Snakemen have conquered Eternia and have ruled it for hundreds of years. With their rule, the Snakemen built a Temple to summon their Destructive god, Serpos. The Temple is known as Viper Tower and it's built on top of a Magic rich area.

-The Wise Wizard, Eldor discovers the crash site where He-Ro landed on Eternia. Eldor takes him and gives him the "Gray" Identity to hide him from the Snakemen Overlords.

-The arrival of He-Ro gave the humans hope and began the rebellion against the Snakemen.

-With He-Ro's rebellion taking shape, other races join the cause and free a decent part of the planet from the Snakemen's rule. He marries the Priestess Sharella (Whose Totem animal is the Snake, ironically.) and the Tower of Hope (what we know as Grayskull Tower) is built atop an area rich in magical energies. He-Ro's first son is born. He-Ro takes Zodac Zur as a squire.

-He-Ro and the Snakemen King (Hssss' father) fight and both are Mortally Wounded. He-Ro dies and is buried within Hope Tower. Prince Hsss kills his father and becomes king of the Snakemen.

-The new Snakemen king obliterates most of the Human Rebellion and eats He-Ro's first-born child (unaware of Sharella being pregnant with a second child.) Zodac protects Sharella and creates the Mystic Order of Knights for Sharella. Some groups head underground into Subternia.

-After He-Ro and Sharella's daughter is born, Eldor, He-Ro's mentor, takes his pupil's daughter away from the reach of Hssss and begins to train her. Sharella is touched by the Star Seed before dying.

-A few months before Eldor's death, Sharella, as the Goddess, appears before Eldor. He uses the Book of Living Spells to cast a spell that will take effect when he dies.

-Eldor dies and He-Ro's daughter is on her own. Eldor's spirit is taken to another world, similar to Eternia. (Etheria) There, his spirit begins to create a crystalline tower.

-On Eternia, He-Ro's daughter becomes a drifter, aiding the sick and defending the weak. She captures the Demo-Man and sends it to another dimension.

-The Great Black Wizard creates an Abomination to both man and Dragon: The Draego-Man. Zodac Zur is offered a chance to become an Enforcer of the Trollans (to replace the Fallen He-Ro) and is taken to Trolla where he becomes Zodac, the Cosmic Enforcer.

- The Floating Citadel of Dread vanishes from Eternia thanks to the Technomancer Sortech, who sent it into a pocket dimension in order to avoid a Snakemen attack. While trying to bring it back after the attack, Sortech was only able to bring the Top of an Alchemist's Tower, but only for a few days. Afterwards, the tower reappears on its own every 20 or so years at a random spot on Eternia.

Records from this period and beyond have been lost to time.

Late Preternia: (Grayskull era)

-The Snakemen regained control of Eternia for hundreds of years after the Fall of He-Ro. Some human clans began to rise against the Snakemen. In order to crush this act of Rebellion, King Hsss Took the First Born Child of each chieftain and kept them captive until they were eaten by the Snakemen's King.

-King Hssss begins to feel the sting of rebellion after eating D'vann Grayskull's elder brother.  When Grayskull finds the Ancient Sword of Power.

-Grayskull's rebellion, aided by the Mystic Knights of Sharella (The Mystic Enforcers), the Giant Tytus, among others were able to take back the Ancient Hope Tower (also known as He-Ro's Tomb to the Mystic Knights.) Tytus, the Builder of the Giants built a stronghold for Grayskull atop some ancient ruins. With a new castle, Grayskull marries Veena, Priestess of Zoar (and descendant of He-Ro)

-The Second-born son of Horde Supreme, the Demigod Hord'ak arrives to Eternia and claims a piece of the planet for his army.

-All three forces are at a stalemate. Hord'ak builds the Central Tower in an attempt to siphon the Planet's Energy for himself. The Tower links up with He-Ro's Tomb and the Temple of Serpos for some unknown reason instead of draining the Planet.

-A Stranger visits Hssss and warns him about Grayskull and Hord'ak. He also suggest unleashing Serpos on Zalesia.
Meanwhile two different strangers aid the new King of Castle Grayskull. (He-Man in disguise and Spector).

-In Desperation, Hord'ak attempts the Spell of Separation to crack the planet and take the Star Seed for himself. Serpos is summoned and wreaks havoc on Zalesia.Lord Nikolas Powers gives his Daughter to a Gar Stranger and asks him to protect her. The Stranger accepts the offer in exchange for the Zalesian Havoc Staff... When Powers' wife discovers what her husband did, she cursed him to wander Zalesia as a wraith for all eternity and be unable to reach the Afterlife.

-Serpos is defeated and its body coils itself around King Hssss' stronghold, creating the aptly named Snake Mountain.

-Before the Spell is cast and destroys the Planet. Hssss, Grayskull and Hord'ak have a final battle.
Most of the forces are destroyed.The world is divided into the Light Hemisphere and the Dark Hemisphere. The Mystic Knights Seal King Hssss and various Snakemen in a interdimensional timeless pocket known as the void. The Leader of the Knights dubbed Zodak in honor of the founder of the Knights fell with the Snakemen in the void. When the Spell of Separation failed, thanks to the Giant demigod, Procrustus; Hord'ak attempts to send Grayskull to another world and further in the timeline. The Spell backfires thanks to the Sword of Power and Hord'ak is flung though the portal with his generals. Deflecting the attack left Grayskull mortally wounded. After getting a vision from the sword, Grayskull does one final act and divides the Sword of Power in two Magical halves. He requests that the swords are kept hidden and separate until a descendant worthy of their power can rejoin them.

-Veena becomes the first sorceress of Grayskull and gives the second half to a Knight chosen by The Goddess to hide. Veena has a dream of two children holding the half-swords.

-The Three Towers vanish.

-The first Wielder of the sword was a Northern Barbarian known as Vikor, who used the sword to rid the North of remaining Snakemen.

-Veena's successor becomes the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.

-Sir Laser Lot, one of the Mystic Knights dies fighting the Reawakened Draego-Man. Draego-Vanished shortly after that.

-The Gar Demon-Witch Shokoti tries to cover Eternia in Darkness and Summon the Eldritch Abomination known as the Sleeping Beast. A Group of 4 Legendary Element Warriors (Furea: the Flame Elementor, Saikuron: The Wind Elementor, Jishin the Land Elementor, Burizado: The Ice Elementor)Take Down Shokoti and Sacrifice themselves to seal the Demon-Witch within her House of Darkness.
Records from this period and beyond have been lost to time.

-Early Eternian Period: (Before the rise of Miro)

-The Legend of the Sword Halves was alive and well. Many warlords claimed to be the Wielders of said blades. The Kaliff Clan, under orders of their Master, forge the Black Flower Amulet by sacrificing a thousand innocents in an arcane ritual. Every two hundred years, the Amulet requires another mass sacrifice to recharge its power.

-Eternia is thrown to another period of permanent war. Sharella, whose Snake Totem and the Star Seed gave her godlike powers, begins to train Karak Nul as a possible wielder of the Sword.

-Karak Nul betrays Sharella and attempts to take Castle Grayskull. The Sorceress curses him into a Scareglow.

Records from this period have been lost to time.

-Sharella trains the Thundarian, Wun-Dar as a wielder of the Sword.

-Wun Dar protects the sword from the Gar Witch Shokoti.

-Marzo Kaliff, current wielder of the Black Flower Amulet, begins to amass people for the next sacrifice to recharge the Amulet. Wun-Dar saves a young Miro from being sacrificed.

-The young Miro was captured and forced to fight on Lord Choloh's Gladiatorial Arena. He fought and helped on a Rebellion. The only man who refused to leave the Arena was Vykron, a Flamboyant warrior whose skills were unmatched by any man. (He eventually died by the massive hands of the Ape Warlord, Gygor)

-Miro grew to became a great Military leader and a thorn to Marzo's side. (Thanks to his experiences as both a warrior and a Gladiator)  The people of the Light Hemisphere made Miro their king after he defeated Marzo and his Gar army.

-Eternian Period Miro's Reign (the Great Unrest)

-As a sign of peace between Men and Gar, Miro marries the sister of a Gar Priestess. The Gar make ceremonial twin swords based on Gar Mythology (and the Sword of Power) as a symbol of peace between the two peoples.

-Keldor is born and is forced to wear an amulet that disguises his very visible Gar-like appearance in order to protect him from the Gar hating Eternians... Miro orders a ban on Magic using on Eternos in order to further protect his son.

-The Gar Priestess (Miro's sister-in-law) leads an attack on Eternos with a group of Gar who are still Loyal to Marzo. Keldor's mother was accidentally killed during the attack.

-The Enchantress tries to woo Miro, but is rejected by the King, due to his fear of Magic endangering his first born son.

-Miro marries an Eternian Noblewoman and has a second child. (Randor)

-Keldor takes a Dylynx cat as his pet.

-Miro receives news about the death of Lord Choloh at the hands of the Tyrant Ape, Gy-Gor.

-Randor's mother begins a plan to make her son be the only heir of Miro.

-Keldor begins to train in the ways of magic in secret. During one of his journeys he meets a weakened Marzo (due to the incomplete Sacrifice for the Amulet) who teaches him dark magics.

-Randor's mother attempts to poison Keldor, but fails. Realizing who his real enemy is, Keldor decides to plot against the Queen.

-During another journey to learn more magics, Keldor meets Evelyn of Zalesia and takes her as his bride.

- Marzo attacks Eternos and takes Miro hostage. Randor takes the lead and fights Marzo to save his father.

-Keldor returns to Eternos and learns about Miro's kidnapping. Riding the now grown Panthor into battle, he finds his brother and helps him fight Marzo who escapes with the King.

-Angry at Randor's incompetence, Keldor rushes to the Dark Hemisphere to search for Miro. During his Journeys he helps the exiled Mer-Man recover his kingdom. In return he forges an alliance with Keldor.

-Marzo takes Miro to The Enchantress' Lair. There, the Eternian King learns about Marzo's plan to bring Hordak into Eternia.

-Marzo attempts to summon Hordak to Eternia, but thanks to the Enchantress, Miro interferes and is sucked into the portal instead. The Enchantress abandons Marzo and flees.

-Keldor finds Marzo and fights him. After defeating the count, Keldor uses the Black Flower Medallion to curse Marzo. Disappointed with the Medallion's power, Keldor blasts it into the Sands of Fire. He spares the now powerless and deformed Marzo's life and leaves. He then saves a Beastman from the Vine Jungle from being mauled by the Great Apes.

-Feeling Remorseful, the Enchantress entombs herself in her Lair and will not be released until Miro returns to Eternia.

-Marzo uses his new form to trick Randor into fighting Keldor, by lying about Miro and Marzo's fates.

-Randor returns to Eternos and is made king. When Keldor hears about this, he returns to Eternos to claim his rightful place at the Throne.

-Eternian Era: Randor's Reign

-An assassin kills Randor's mother and Keldor kills the assassin. Against the wishes of the Eternian People, Randor allows Keldor to stay by his side as his Royal Adviser. Keldor seizes this opportunity to rule from the shadows until the time is right.

-An alien spaceship crashlands on Eternia. The Survivor was a Female Astronaut from Earth. Randor is taken by her beauty. She is also taken by his handsomeness. Marlena becomes Ambassador of Earth on Eternia.

-The King marries the Earthen Ambassador, while Keldor plots a coup d'├ętat. Taking Miro's swords, he calls himself the Legendary Savior and owner of the Legendary Power Sword.

-Keldor's uprising was stopped by Randor's forces and his allies. Keldor was Mortally wounded and Evelyn of Zalesia escaped with her husband.

-Keldor does a Faustian Pact with Hordak. He returns Keldor to life, but his face is disfigured. (Skeletor) as a Failsafe, Hordak imbues Keldor's body with the powers of an Ancient Demon that he defeated once. Keldor dies and Skeletor is born.

-Skeletor brings forth Keldor's allies and takes the Legendary Snake Mountain as his Stronghold. Hordak commands Skeletor to bring him Randor's Children

-Sharella Presents a Champion to The Sorceress,  he is the Oo-Larr (Strongest Warrior) of a Tribe from the Vine Jungle. The Sorceress Accepts Oo-Larr as Champion and sends him to Eternos to protect the Children of Randor, since they could be the children that Veena saw. The Sorceress calls him He-Man Because the name came to her in a prophecy.

-The He-Man, with the Sorceress' aid Capture the Tyrant Ape, Gygor and entomb him deep within the vine jungle, when it tried to take over Grayskull.

-Part of the Floating Citadel reappears on Eternia once again, now known as Point Dread, Skeletor lures the Sorceress and uses the tower to drain the Sorceress of her powers.

-A Female Warrior sensed the Telepathic cries of the Sorceress and went to her aid. Unable to overpower Skeletor, the Warrior Teela'Na was captured. Unbeknownst to Skeletor, the Sorceress used Teela'Na as a vessel for her powers.

-Man-at-Arms and He-Man Reach Point Dread to save The Sorceress from Skeletor. Teela'Na and He-Man fell in love.

-Marlena gives birth to twins. The Evil Skeletor and a band of warriors attack the Palace and was able to only kidnap Adora as a "sacrifice to Hordak" Adam was saved by Man-at-Arms, the Sorceress and He-Man who was severely wounded and is taken to Grayskull.

-With Man-at-Arms' aid, the Sorceress erects a wall to separate the Light from the Dark Hemisphere. The strain weakens the Sorceress and Teela'Na takes her place as Sorceress of Grayskull. He-Man dies peacefully as his love becomes a Sorceress.

-The new and very Pregnant Sorceress gives birth to a Child, Teela; who is raised by Man-at-Arms so, the Sorceress can focus fully on her task of Protecting Grayskull.

-Adam and Teela grow together as best friends, both unaware of the secrets that fate has in store for them.

-Adam rescues a Green Tiger when he encounters a lost Trollan. the Trolla, Orko becomes court jester in King Randor's court.

-Two months before his Sixteenth Birthday, Man-at-Arms, with permission from the King and Queen, takes Adam on a Journey to learn about Eternia and Train to become a warrior.

-During the Travels, Adam gets to meet first hand other cultures from Eternia like the Andreenids, the Avionians

-Adam gets to explore the Gladiatorial Ruins of Lord Choloh and learns some bits of his Family's history. (Miro's time as a Gladiator)

-After his training is done, Man-at-Arms takes Adam for a Final test: The Legendary Castle Grayskull.

-The Castle opens itself to Adam (due to the blood of Grayskull flowing within him) and the Sorceress tells him of his legacy.

-Adam takes the half sword but is unable to wield it properly. Duncan gives him a Techno sword* that fused with the Power Sword half. This new sword is easier to wield by Adam.
*(The Techno sword is made from Steel from Other weapons that belonged to King Grayskull.)

-The Sorceress sends Adam home and tells him to keep the sword safe. Duncan tells Adam to keep this meeting with the Sorceress a secret.

-Skeletor breaches through the Mystic Wall thanks to the other half of the Power Sword and attempts to take over Eternos. He was stopped by He-Man, who wielded the other half of the sword.

- After Multiple battles, the now more experienced He-Man is able to recover the second half of the sword. Due to it being polluted by many years of usage by evil owners, the sword halves will not fuse. (The Powers of Grayskull have unlocked the Flying Fist, Thunder Punch and Battle Armors to aid He-Man)

-The Sorceress decides to cleanse the sword with He-Ro's stone of protection.

-Evil Lyn finds the Crystal tomb of Gygor (thanks to Melaktha) and releases the Ape Warlord. Begrudgingly, he becomes her Personal Enforcer.

-Skeletor begins to feel the Demo-Man scraping at the door... He begins to prepare for the imminent arrival of Hordak. He tricks the Thenurian Gwildor in order to take the Cosmic Key.

-Skeletor Takes over Grayskull and tries to unlock the Star Seed's power by using the Eye of Eternia,

-He-Man defeats Skeletor and the latter is believed to be dead. (Based on the events of the 1987 movie.)

-With Skeletor defeated Adam begins to have nightmares about King Grayskull and the Horde.

-While helping Adam understand his dreams, the Sorceress has the same vision as Veena and realizes that Adam and Adora are the children of prophesy. She has Duncan build a second Techno Sword out of He-Ro's Staff and Armor.

-Adam is sent to Another World to find the Owner of the Golden Techno Sword.

I suppose I should do a small recap of Etherian History before I have Adam cross into this new world.

Pretherian Period:

-The Spirit of Eldor reaches Etheria and forms a Crystalline Tower atop Skydancer Mountain.

-The First Ones were blessed by the Spirit of Light and Hope.

-War escalated on Etheria due to influence from the barbaric Scorpioni Amazon Tribe.

-Light Hope was forced to Intervene after the war razed the Floating City of Mizar and wiped out the Angels. He banished the Scorpioni Amazon tribe to Etheria's Underworld beneath the Crimson Waste.

- With Light Hope's help, most of the Etherian Kingdoms learn the ways of Magic and Etherian Civilizations flourished for Millennia without war,This made Light Hope retire into his tower and await for the time he is needed. Madame Razz was in her teenage years.

Modern Era Etheria:

-The queen of the Mage Kingdom of Mystacor, unable to bear children makes a pact with a Dark Mage to help her have a child.The mage complies and Castaspella is born. On the same day, the Queen's sister gives birth to Casta's dark Doppelganger, Allepsatsac.

-An amnesiac orphan of the Lost City of Mizar ends up on Bright Moon. A group of seers took the child and raised her in their temple as a divine child of Angels.

-Micah, the young King of Bright Moon falls in love with the Angel Child and woos her.

-On Mystacor, The High Mage Norwyn trains the young Princess Castaspella with the aid of his other apprentice, Light Spinner. Allepsatsac becomes the apprentice of the Dark Mage. (Solovaid)

-Micah of Bright Moon marries Angella and she becomes Queen of Bright Moon.

-Light Spinner plots to steal Norwyn's power and begins dabbling in the Dark Arts.

-Princess MacKenzie of Snows discovers her Cryomantic powers.

-An Alien Teen from the Tri-Solar Galaxy lands on Etheria. Forced to live as a cat burglar, the girl begins to plot how to become ruler of Etheria. One day she is taken in by a Noblewoman who could not have children. She then arranges a marriage between Joshua Reccula and the girl now known as Lady C'yra.

-The Horde arrives to Etheria from Preternia and begin Terraforming the Planet. Mortally wounded by Grayskull, Hordak uses the Terraforming Techno Virus on himself and becomes a Cyborg.

-Hordak's plan to return to Eternia is thwarted by Miro, who is able to escape the Weakened Horde of Legend.

-Miro seeks refuge in Mystacor, but he is ignored. Queen Angella of Bright Moon takes Miro as a Refugee. Miro warns Bright Moon about the Horde. Miro becomes General of Bright Moon and helps the kingdom to prepare for war. Hordak fuses the Demo-Man to Keldor as a twisted act of revenge against Miro.

- Mystacor shielded itself from the Horde's attacks but eventually fell thanks to the traitor Light Spinner, now known as Shadow Weaver. Castaspella was cursed by Allepsatsac, who became the Horde's Viceroy of Mystacor.

-Skeletor sends Adora to Hordak, who planned on murdering the baby. At Shadow Weaver's request, baby Adora was spared and made into a Weapon against the Royal Family of Eternia. (Despara was born)

-Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon is born.

-Bright Moon's defenses cannot withstand the increasing onslaught of Horde Attacks. Joshua Reccula joins the Crimson Knights of Bright Moon (Also Known as the Princess Guard). Joshua's brother Kyle trains in Archery to become a great hero.

-Bright Moon Falls. Miro was able to save Glimmer, but the King and Queen were Captured. The Reccula Brothers help Miro escape. C'yra tries to stop Joshua from leaving, but Joshua chose duty over C'yra.

-C'yra joins the Horde and is known as Catra, the thief. Miro sends Sir Josh to Greenglade to warn them about Bright Moon. Miro finds sanctuary with Madame Razz, the Witch of Whispering Woods.
"The Great Rebellion" is born.

-Despara excels at the Horde Training and becomes the perfect Warrior. Catra becomes jealous of Hordak's Wunderkind.

-Glimmer is trained by Miro and Madame Razz to become a leader. Joshua begins to wander Etheria and tries to rally forces for the Rebellion. Green Glade surrenders to the Horde.

-Despara attains the rank of Force Captain, beating Catra for the position. In her first mission as Force Captain, she captures the Leader of the Great Rebellion, Miro. Hordak decides to keep him alive for as long as he can, so Miro can suffer long enough and beg for death.

-A Stranger carrying two swords arrives on Etheria. He is forced to fight some Horde Troopers and is recruited by Bow into the Rebellion.

-On the Whispering Woods, Adam learns of Miro's fate and plans to rescue his grandfather.

-Adam encounters a Horde Force led by Despara. the Sword of Protection reacts to her. He gets captured by the Horde. Despara takes the swords as Trophies.

-On the Fright Zone Dungeons he meets former King Miro for the first time. Adam figures out that Despara is Adora, but has no idea how to free her from the Horde.

-Despara takes a liking to the Golden sword. He-Ro's Stone of Protection attempts to purge the evil out of Adora.

-With Loo-Kee, a Conseal who took a liking to Miro, and Adam's help; Miro hatches a plan to escape the Fright Zone.

-Loo-Kee recovers Adam's sword and they escape the Fright Zone. Only to be chased by Despara herself.

-Adam stays behind to stall Despara and give Miro a chance to escape.

-He-Man vs Despara. Even match. (As even as He-Man holding back his power to not harm Adora, The Sword halves refusing to clash against each other, and Adora's fighting prowess thanks to Horde Training can get.)

-He-Man tries to open Adora's eyes to the truth, but is unable to. Despara defeats He-Man and he is captured.

-Hordak, realizing that his Prized Possession has captured the "True Heir of Grayskull" (due to He-Man's appearance) reignites his desire to re-enter Eternia.

-To open up a Portal that will allow the Entire Horde Army to cross to Eternia, Hordak needs to sacrifice the Blood of his Enemies to Recover his Flesh Body in order to open the Portal. (The Cybernetic Body decreases Hordak's Magical Power) With He-Man in his hands, he discards Despara.

-Looking for Revenge Against Hordak; Adora allows the Rebellion to infiltrate the Fright Zone and tells them where to find He-Man.

-The Rebellion free He-Man and other Prisoners (Angella among them) and they fight the Horde.

-Adora helps the Rebels escape. He-Man tries to make Adora see the Plight of Etheria and have her join the Rebellion. Adora refuses to join, but she will aid them because "The Enemy of my Enemy..."

-The Horde gives pursuit as Despara and He-Man stay behind to help the Rebellion escape. He-Man is infected by the Techno Virus as he protects Adora from an attack by Hordak (Hurricane mode)

-Adora and He-Man are teleported to the Crystal Castle by Light Hope who sensed He-Ro's stone. Light Hope reveals Adora her true heritage as he tries to purge the Techno Virus out of He-Man.

-The Stone in The Golden Sword speaks to Adora. She holds the sword aloft and becomes SHE-RA for the first time.

-Using the Sword's Power, She-Ra purges the Techno virus from He-Man. After realizing that the Warrior who healed him was Adora, Adam tries to convince her to come home and meet her family. Adora refuses. Light Hope offers to help Adora to master her new powers, which she accepts.

-The Sorceress reaches out to Adam. Eternia needs He-Man urgently. Adam leaves vowing to return to Etheria.

-Adora with her new powers begins to bring the fight to Hordak. At Light Hope's request, she begins wandering Etheria to understand her new role as "Savior".

-After Adora finishes her pilgrimage; she joins the Rebellion. This pleases Bow immensly, since he was smitten by her when he first saw her.

-With Adora's help (and She-Ra's too), the Rebellion reforms itself as a real threat to Hordak. She-Ra and the Rebels Liberate the Kingdom of Snows and Mystacor from Hordak's grasp.

-As the Rebellion begins to gain ground, Hordak hires a group of Mercenaries to pose as the Rebellion and wreak chaos on Etheria.

-Adora falls in love with Horde Privateer Captain Sea Hawk and convinces him to Join the Rebellion. Bow is obviously jealous of Sea Hawk and decides to investigate him.

-King Randor arrives to Etheria and finds his long lost father leading the Rebellion. He joins the Rebellion and aids in their battle. Randor and Angella arrange the union of their children as a sign of an Interplanetary Alliance.

-The Rebellion keeps gaining Ground on Etheria to the point that only the Fright Zone is what remains of Etheria under control of the Horde.

-Hordak finds a way to bypass the blood sacrifice to Return to Eternia, thanks to Evil Lyn. The Rebellion catches wind of the situation, thanks to Double Trouble and attack the Fright Zone.


-Adam/He-Man's departure to Etheria caused a huge power imbalance. The Fake He-Man robot that Man-at-Arms used as a deterrent was damaged in battle and taken by Skeletor's forces. Now redubbed Faker, it serves Skeletor in wreaking chaos on Eternia.

-The Heroic Masters have their hands full holding Skeletor's forces back.

-The sneaky Kobra Khan convinces Evil Lyn of Releasing the Snakemen. The Mystic Knight Zodak escapes with them and goes to Grayskull, where he discovers that Millennia have passed since he was sealed. The Mystic Knights are no longer. He decides to aid the Heroic Warriors against the Snakemen.

-Instead of aiding Skeletor, as Evil Lyn hoped, The Snakemen became a third faction fighting for control of Eternia.

-Man-At-Arms is turned into a Snakeman by Hssss' accursed Ring of Serpos. He joins the Snakemen and creates weaponry for them. Skeletor is forced to leave Snake Mountain and use Anwat Gar as his temporary base of Operations.

-In an Unlikely alliance, Tri-Klops and Sorceress begin to work on a cure for Man-at-Arms. The Former wants to stop the Snakemen from gaining Superior Tech from Duncan and the Latter wants to save Duncan. They are able to design a serum that will revert the effects of the Snake Curse, but Duncan would need to be immobilized long enough after the serum is administered. The Sorceress chooses the Master of Capture, Clamp Champ as the one who will subdue Duncan and give him the cure.

-Evil-Lyn retreats to Zalesia with Gygor to hide from Skeletor's wrath. In desperation to keep the Snakemen at bay, Randor forms an uneasy alliance with Skeletor.

-With Snake Man-at-Arms' new tech, Hsss attacks the Kingdom of Eternos. The Heroic Warriors are forced to flee the Kingdom to the Underground (formerly) Lost City of Thundaria after being defeated by the Snakemen. SMAA reprograms Faker to Kill Randor.

-Faker, disguised as He-Man, infiltrates the Resistance against the Snakemen and abducts Randor. Skeletor figures out that "He-Man" is Faker in disguise and follows. Skeletor fights Faker and tries to banish the robot to Despondos, but he "accidentally" fails to save Randor thanks to a Palace Guard intervening (Lt. Spector) during the battle with Faker. Spector's shot revealed to Eternia that it was Faker all along.

-He-Man returns and is put up to speed on the battle vs the Snakemen. The Powers of Grayskull bestow upon him the Snake Armor in addition to upgrades to his past Armors.

-The Snakemen attack Grayskull. He-Man and Clamp Champ  subdue SMAA long enough to inject the serum. Hssss is able to enter the Castle and wounds the Sorceress. Thanks to Teela's interference, Hsss is unable to kill the Sorceress.

-With the Sorceress weakened, Adam reveals his secret to Teela and helps her embrace her new path as the new Warrior Sorceress of Grayskull.

-The Horde Enters Eternia and the Ancient Three Towers of Legend reappear. King Hsss tries to use the Viper Tower's power to Reawaken Serpos. The Great Rebellion, with Randor and Miro return to Eternia and join the Heroic Warriors for the Final Battle.

-While Teela'Na is in agony, fighting off the poison in her system, Man-at-Arms promotes Clamp Champ to the position of Acting Man-at-Arms while Duncan stays at Grayskull trying to save Teela'Na.

-Hordak begins terraforming his own Eternian Fright Zone atop the ruins of the ancient temple where Keldor made his pact with Hordak (Preternian Fright Zone based on the vintage toy.)

-The Sorceress Teela, daughter of Teela'Na, the former Sorceress of Grayskull has become an Avatar of Sharella. By embracing the path of the Snake, Teela vows to make King Hssss pay.

-With Aid of the Mystic Knight Zodak, Sorceress Teela Kills King Hssss and the Snakemen begin to worship her as their Goddess and Mother of Serpents.

-The Heroic Warriors return to Eternos and begin to Rebuild with aid of the Etherian Rebels.

-The Fright Zone begins to expand its reach and capturing denizens of the Dark Hemisphere to use as slaves. This includes some Evil Warriors, Tunglashor and Rattlor.

-With the increasing threat of the Horde, Sorceress Teela sends He-Man back in time to find a way to defeat Hordak in the present. Skeletor sneaks into the Vortex as well.

-While He-Man and Skeletor are altering the past, Hordak is preparing his forces for the Final assault.

-Now in the present, He-Man and Skeletor form a new truce until the Horde is defeated.

-The Heroic Warriors, Great Rebellion, the Remaining Snakemen, and the few Evil Warriors loyal to Skeletor gather around the Central Tower to battle the Horde.

-In the midst of Battle Hordak is able to Enter the Central Tower and connect himself to it, becoming a Power Siphon.

-He begins to drain the power of Eternia into his Cyborg body. This includes draining the power out of the Sorceress, He-Man, Skeletor, Evil Lyn and all the Magical beings of Eternia. (The Stone of Protection is protecting She-Ra slightly and it's slowing the power drain on her.)

-As a Desperate move, Sorceress Teela commands the NON-ETERNIAN MAGES (Madame Razz, Orko, and Castaspella) to cast the Spell of Separation in order to separate Hordak from the Towers.

-The Spell has a side effect that begins to unravel the genetic Material of the impure Snakemen. (Those who were converted, like SMAA, or those who were born out of interspecies breeding, like Kobra Khan.) also, mutants were affected by the spell of Separation.

-As Hordak was being separated from the Towers and weakened, Skeletor uses the Terror Claws to kill his former Master. The Dying Hordak wounds Skeletor with a Nanite Buzzsaw blast from his chest.

-Dying, Skeletor absorbs Hordak's power and merges with his former Master's Cyber implants.

-Now, Reborn as a Cyborg, Skeletor attempts to finish the weakened He-Man and She-Ra but the Power of Grayskull creates a Golem to protect the twins until they regain their strength. (CGM)

-Defeated by the Castle Grayskullman, Skeletor leaves to conquer the Horde before returning to Eternia.

-The Twins swords change shape and are no longer bound to Grayskull. Adam's is bound to Eternia and Adora's to Etheria. (Adam and Adora still have the traditional He-Man and She-Ra looks.)

-The arranged Marriage between Adam and Glimmer takes place at Castle Grayskull with Sorceress Teela's blessing. Adora, Sea Hawk and Bow stay on Eternia, as Adam and Glimmer leave to Etheria as Husband and Wife.

-Duncan dies peacefully at Castle Grayskull.

-Sea Hawk is Killed by Bow after an attempt on Adora's life led by the Pirate. (Sea Hawk was a Double Agent working for Hordak.)

-After five years of peace on Eternia, Adam returns home. On this fateful day, two travelers from the Tri-Solar Galaxy arrive on Eternia looking for the Legendary He-Man.

The Following events were the Etherian events after the Ultimate Battle:

-Catra surrenders after being heavily wounded by the Spell of Separation (She's a mutant.) and  is put on trial for her crimes against Etheria, Sir Josh, of the Princess Guard begs Queen Angella to spare Catra.

-Shadow Weaver attempts to create Hordak Clones to regain control of the Horde but fails. The last Hordak Clone kills the witch in a fit of rage as the Clone Degeneration kicked in.

-Prince Adam and the Etherian Heroic Warriors help rebuild Etheria. The remaining Horde Stragglers are captured and tried for their crimes against Etheria.

-A Badly wounded King Micah reaches Etheria warning the Etherians about Horde Prime.

-Adam Returns to Eternia when Teela Summons him back. Glimmer stayed at Castle Grayskull with Teela.

-Adam decides to go to help the People of Primus, while Adora becomes the Guardian of Eternia and Etheria. Now with both Twins of Power traveling the Cosmos, the Powers of Eternian and Etherian Starseeds grant them New Powers. (NA Looks).

-Teela discovers that Glimmer is expecting and keeps this information from Adam as she sends the Princess of BrightMoon back to Etheria.

I'm not going to tackle New Adventures yet, because I need to do a Part Two on this rant... Then again, I've been going back and forth on the timeline for 2-3 months.

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