Jan 10, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Cats love her outfit.

Dammit! I forgot to take a pic of My Kitteh Army playing with her Tassels!
I am of course, Talking about Spinnerella, the second most progressive Character in MOTUC. Nettossa is the first one and they're lesbians in a relationship and they love each other... So, the Masters of Misogyny and Racism have shown some social justice by having an interracial lesbian couple.

So, Spinnerella, aside from her implied status as Nettossa's better half, Spinnerella is an overpowered character who nearly destroyed the whispering woods by going Taz on it. This means she was underused. Then her Vintage toy was a rarity.
So, what have we learned?

Spinerrella Spins and was a very rare figure. Filmation kinda made her seem like a lesbian, but to be fair, even Bow, Bastion of Heterosexuality seemed a bit effeminate in Filmation.

She finally got made in Classics. Now here comes the bad part. I got a crappy Spinnerella. I won't seen her back to Matty because I don't trust Digital River. As you can see on the pic on the right, her peg won't fit in her forearm. I will not remove the vintage crown off her head Because the hair seems to have fused due to the paint or something. and the base color for her hair is blue and painted Lavender...

"People die, and Yuna dances. When will she stop dancing?
 When will it stop? Yuna won't stop dancing..."
Basic 2.0 female Articulation, in theory. In execution a lot of it is either blocked or useless.
Her Bracers have rigid plastic tassels that make any other pose except having the forearms go parallel to the ground look ridiculously ugly! Her hair blocks her arm articulation, the weight of her hair kinda hinders her head articulation.
Then her skirt, which is a bunch of tassels HINDERS HER LEG ARTICULATION... No Spinning Bird Kick poses for Spinnerella. Heck she can't even pull off a Tatsumakisenpukyaku!! Oh yeah! MEGA LOOSE Ankles... Guess who keeps falling down, down, down!

Paint and sculpt:
The sculpt is awesome (aside the snafu on my figure) The paint... $30 for sloppy paints everywhere... I just noticed her left bracer's silver bled into my figure's forearm almost reaching the elbow. Some silver slop on the left tassels, blue paint blobs on the purple tassels in the forearms and messed up purple paint bleeding into the blue tassels on her skirt. Then there's the paint chipping off her hair... If there was some sound effect that I could use to describe the paints on my Spinnerella.

Let's start with the Biggest failure in the Accessory department: The POP Shield.
If you thought I thought that the Catra Combwhip was bad, how about the POP Shield that Spinnerella CANNOT USE due to her (way)hard(er than cloth) Plastic Tassels. But even if she had gotten Cloth Tassels, the way her bracer is designed; it won't work with a POP Shield. So, Once again let's roll that beautiful fail horn music!

The Other Accessory is the Spear of the Goddess repainted in a very Toyetic color scheme. I know that the Horsemen tried to make it match SOME of Spinnerella's colors, but it feels a bit off. And if you clicked on the link of the Staff Piece, you know what Spinnerella WITH the staff remind me of.


Spinnerella gets a 3.17 as her final score. Most of the damage to her score comes from me getting a very crappy Spinnerella, but that wouldn't change the overall score by much. (roughly half a point up on the overall score)

By He, I mean Ruben Martinez (and to an extent the Design team). Now don't get me wrong. It's cool that I finally own a Spinnerella, but I feel that Mattel could have done so much with this figure.
Mattel could have made the forearms to rotate to allow for better usage of her articulation. They could have made her skirt removable by the belt and give us an extra belt with the tassels floating as if she was spinning. OR... CLOTH TASSELS for her skirt AND forearms. As much as I hate cloth items, Spinnerella is the only POP Figure that NEEDED cloth items and is not Nettossa, because Nettossa needed a cloth cape that could work as a net. It wouldn't be that off since Mossman and Santa KG have flock, Grizzlor has "Hairy fur" that you can comb... Megator has rooted hair.
Missed opportunities, man!

One spins, the other traps... Or they would've If Mattel hadn't screwed
them up!

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