Jan 5, 2015

MOTU's new script is ready... Feeling lukewarm about Wadlow.

I've already ranted about the little faith I have in Wadlow. So, the reason I've been ignoring this bit of news is a bit obvious. Now with that said, I have a bit more of faith in Wadlow to deliver something somewhat decent for MOTU. Saw Kick Ass 2 a few moons ago and it wasn't horrible. It wasn't good either, but it was slightly better than I expected. He was on a recent MOTU Podcast talking about his experiences with MOTU and what he'll try to bring to the game and this is why I'm a bit lukewarm about him.

He's a Pre-Filmation Fan... Last MOTU Movie was a Pre-Filmation movie and we saw how well it did... (It recovered its investment, but Canon was going down and He-Man was the one who made Superman IV suck ass) The Toyline died after the movie. In Mattel Speak this means the movie killed the toyline. (Mattel will never accept that they overflowed stores with MOTU stuff that wasn't moving as fast as they wanted.)

He understands the Importance of the Transformation Scene.

THIS is what He-Man is known for... So much that even the Pre-Filmation Movie HAD to do a tribute to it.

He wants to have Orko, Battle Cat (and most of the infamous 12 pack, who would be a decent cast for a first movie.) So this gives me a bit of hope... (More 200X Influence please!!)

Of course it's not all rainbows and unicorns with Wadlow... He doesn't believe in the power of the Loincloth (then again this could be a mandate from the asshats at Mattel. and that includes FORMER Mattel asshat ♠.) He-Man + Pants =BAD!! (Except in Space)

Then again, he doesn't inspire me hope for the sequels. Especially when a certain TWIN SISTER is involved. He seems to have a bit of a dislike towards She-Ra... and to make matters worse, Mattel still treats She-Ra as a Separate Property with a different licensing deal than MOTU... I thought that by Classics they would have figured out that She-Ra and He-Man are part of the same property, but no.

Looks like I'll have to wait and see... In any case I'd better get my box of grass... actual grass, not weed for the Magi because Tomorrow is el Día de los Reyes... The Magi are 3 so they should bring more stuff than my man, Kringle! Though Technically the grass is for the Camels, not the Magi.

Kringle gave me a very feminine looking Felicia Hardy, let's see how the Magi top this!

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