Jan 10, 2015

The Mighty Spector is the Tug of War dude: The Rant

I am not a fan of the Guy in Yellow who partakes in a game of Tug of War against He-Man and vanishes when Skeletor shows up with the Battle Bones. I would totally take an Etherian Rebel Josh, Songster, Chef Allen and Crackers the Cl... OK I can't finish this statement with a straight face! I'll just take Etherian Rebel Josh and Songster before Tug of War dude. He's WAY DOWN BELOW the pecking order... Lower than the Scientists of Primus AND the Son of He-Man folks.

Now how can I make this dud of a dude cooler? He is there and when Danger arises, he vanishes... Almost like a certain Cowardly Prince, or a Former Horde Force Captain...
How many Characters have Secret Identities in MOTU and are not tied to the Powers of Grayskull?

The answer is One: By the Power of Logistics! That Style's Retired!! The Mary Sue known as The Mighty Spector, created by Jakks Pacific's very own Scott Neitlich, formerly of Mattel.

Y'all already know my love/hate relationship between Specky Wecky and myself. This has very little to do with that. Now think about this:
The guy is John Spector, Former Palace Guard Turned Time Traveler when he Accidentally ended up in the Future.

He is wearing civilian clothing and he's rocking some long hair. If A spray-on tan can make Adam and He-Man look Different, a Long wig on a Time Traveling Lt. Toyguru would make him look different enough from the present time Lt. TG. Now it's a shame that no one at Mattel back then (Talking about ♠ here) didn't think of this when choosing a driver for the Battle Ram.
Read the Description of the Battle Ram... Almost sounds like a TARDIS... So, who's the Perfect Pilot for a Time Machine?
The guy with Plenty of SEX on his wrist, of course! But that's a wasted opportunity rant for another time. Back to the Tug of War event.

The way I see it is that Spector, thanks to time travel and experiences that he's seen in his adventures (and ensuring he ends up in the Future ) decided to test himself against THE MAN himself... He-Man in his prime.
Now, he has seen the event of the Battle Bones WITHOUT the Time Agent's interference and He-Man beats the Heroic Warriors horribly, which causes Skeletor to defeat He-Man in combat and nearly destroy Eternia. Luckily for him, that Tug Of War Competition is NOT a fixed point in time, so he could alter the event by being there. By competing in the event, he was able to withstand He-Man's strength and helped the Heroic warriors to stand long enough until Skeletor came and captured them. This action is what gives He-Man a break and is able to defeat the Overlord of Evil. Mission Complete, Timeline is fixed and Spector can return home.

Before I get a "Spector wasn't invented back then! It's just a coincidence that the 'Other Warrior' vanishes after tugging." I have to say that it's obvious that Spector didn't exist back then, BUT it's a nice way to give him some validity as a character. (Something that I know many oppose because Neitlich) Now think about it... The guy simply vanishes. Who can easily vanish like that? Spector.
It all makes sense if you BELIEVE in Spector. Think about it, who better than a Time Traveler to modify the Battle Ram to jump through time and Space. If we're to believe that the Earlier Mini Comics are kinda canon, then we must accept that SOME of Duncan's "inventions" are simply Salvaged Technology that Duncan has made somewhat operational and that some, in this case the Battle Ram might have some Black Boxes that could only be triggered if certain conditions are met. (An Authorized user operating the vehicle at a certain time, for example) So, in a way the Battle Ram could kinda be a Spectormobile. Sorry for the Tangent, but all the pieces fall in place if we accept that Spector has been tampering with the Timeline in order for self-preservation disguised as altruistic desires and following the Royal Family's desires loyally.

Now to make things better for Mattel, Tug of War Spector would have nearly Zero New Tooling. The main thing stopping the Spector = Tug of War guy is basically Mattel not wanting to "immortalize" a Jakks employee in Plastic for the 4th Time (DCUC got a Nite-Lik figure)

I believe THIS is the only way I could truly accept The guy in Yellow who Participates in a Tug of War as a viable character in MOTUC, or whatever the 2016 name for the line is.

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