Jan 30, 2015

It's official: Mattel is either stupid or completely unaware of their properties.

Barbie is now ripping off Mattel's own She-Ra: Princess of Power with the new toyline Barbie: Princess Power...

So Barbie is now a super heroine called Super Sparkle... (Now I know what I can call the son of Kal-El and Princess Twilight Sparkle)  How is she ripping off She-Ra aside the name?
Well, Super Sparkle spreads her arms and her sparkly cape opens and sparkles...

She-Ra did it first, in the eighties... Holy crap! there's a MOVIE!?

OK, Trank's Chronicle 2 may be a bit better than this thing... I don't know but Barbie looks a bit deranged on this. Worst part is that it's coming to theaters?

What I mean is, Mattel already OWNS a Superhero line for girls...

And the whole:
Girls want to be strong and empowering, but the difference is, they don't want to defeat the evil. They want to work as a team, and convert that evil enemy to their friend.
can be used on PoP since that was pretty much the same BS approach they had in the 80s toyline.
Why try to use Barbie, who is loaded with a bunch of "issues" like being a moronic computer engineer who has no idea how computers work. Or the whole Body issues complaints from people like the Loathsome Media Critic who shall not be named nor her Glorified YTP sidekick.

It also brings back She-Ra, not to mention Barbie Sized She-Ra dolls, which would be an interesting collectible... A lot better than Skeletot.  Heck! the whole Barbie as She-Ra could start with Barbie being an actress who plays the role of Adora on the Princess of Power movie who then gets the REAL She-Ra Powers and does stuff in our world to protect us from the Hordeswomen on Earth.

But Mattel wants to push Barbie unto a generation that doesn't really care about Barbie. Even Monster High began to lose its luster and appeal. Right now the real target audience is the Adult Collector. (and I cannot make an opinion on How Mattel treats the adult Barbie Collectors because I can't enter the BC Club.) I'm stuck with the Matty Collector club... because of He-Man and his sister...

They have an actual Female Superhero property that they own and they do not use it. WHY? WHY?WHY!?
But I'm no Mattel employee and even those guys don't have the answer.

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