Dec 23, 2020

Advent calendar ICFtTC 23: BT Battling Billie Eilish!!


I managed to get a Billie Eilish figure. I regret EVERYTHING... As I stated in an earlier rant, She is meant to be displayed with Billie Eilish. Not even Playmates toys can be displayed with her... aside maybe the CGI TMNT movie figures.
Who is Billie Eilish? She's a singer whose life started as a Goldeen who was anthropomorphed into a humanoid girl.

Ms. Eilish has peculiar articulation. Kinda reminds me of 2012 turtles with a ball joint under her breasts.. the wings are on a ball, but the articulation range is slightly limited... mostly because of the weight of the wings. They also throw the balance off from Billie. If she didn't have the wings, her articulation range would be almost decent. Sadly her baggy soft vinyl shirt limits the articulation.

Paint and sculpt 
The figure is a stylized version of Billie Eilish adter appearing in a bukkake video with Noob Saibot, or is a character in Death Stranding.  This allows Playmates to be lazy and give Eilish black joints. Her body is not a featureless skeleton like imported figures. She kinda has a body, but it's weirdly proportioned so the shirt looks fine.

Wings, stand, eco-friendly display box. 
I know that there isn't much you can do with a Billie Eilish figure.

Billie Eilish figure gets a 3.25 as her final score. This is mostly due to Playmates Toys being weird. Had Hasbro or Mattel done this, the toy would be much better. It's a nice oddity to have, but sadly it can't be displayed with anything... Avoid like the Plague.

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