Dec 31, 2020

It came from the Toy Chest: Take the best anime series and remove the Cowboy...


And that leaves you only with Bebop... or if you're confused and ask where are the cowboys in Neon Genesis Evangelion... and I just ruined my own joke. Bebop, henchpig, mutant, serves Shredder, moron...
PMBebop: Whoops!
NECABebop:Oh No!
S7Bebop: Looks like someone dropped the soap... Who's going to pick it up? Is it you, Peppa? Or is it you with the purty mouth?

He has articulation similar in range to a MOTUC, minus the ab crunch, but it's executed in a slightly different way. He lacks bicep swivel, but the Hasbro elbows make put for that. His tail rotates and the leg brace on his left knee is connected to the leg so be careful when posing. It hinges but it doesn't twist, so be careful when posing the left leg. I need to emphasize the be careful part. The shoulder articulation is limited due to the Turtle shell pauldrons.
PMBebop: I fell down the stairs!
NECABebop: I squealed like a pig!
S7: And this little piggy did a Zack Snyder Batman... I prison raped the other Bebops!!

Paint and sculpt 
 He looks very vintage down to the pink piggy nose. He has a second head without the pink shading, so I have a Blushing Bebop and a non-Blushing one. I had to give him a sloppy blue wash on the hair to male it look purpleish, because I couldn't stand the pink.
Aside that, he's the most kickass Bebop ever... even better than the Toon one from NECA.
Bebop has learned the basics of CQC...

Drill gun
Trashcan lid shield
2 fists
Vintage unpainted weapons.
Extra head
My only issue is CAN Anyone use the trashcan lid? I can't make him  it for the lide of me.
Shredder: KNEEL!!
Bebop: You're not Zod!!
Shredder: I said Kneel before I teach you about Puerto Rican Christmas...
(Pigs are spit roasted over the fire and Pig roast is a staple of Puerto Rican Christmas food)

Bebop gets a 4.67 as his final score. The limits on his shoulders and lack of ab joint (not necessarily an ab crunch) kinda hurt him a bit. Despite that he's the BEST figure of the entire wave, with Shredder coming in 2, Leo in 3rd, and in last place Mutagen Man.

 I almost forgot! Here's the repainted Bebop

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