Dec 25, 2020

NECA's 2021 TMNT plans are weird.

 Which means a huge break for my wallet... and an opportunity to get scalped for a Casey, Leatherhead, and Toon Shredder... in addition of Splinter and Baxter. If anyone wants to donate a Roadkill rodney or 2 from the Triceraton set, I'd be super grateful. Yes, I got scalped with a Wrath of Krang.

OK so 2021 includes the Turtles in disguise, Easter... since I use the SH FIGUARTS TMNT, these don't do much for me. Ace Duck is too Toy based... namely the wings. Also, Ace Duck!? He was like a 2 second cameo in the old Toon... He's more of a Super7 line character. Where is Zack the 5th Turtle, Mona Lisa, Or freaking Irma!?

We are getting the Punk Frogs... all 4 of them. Dammit! Something we didn't get in the original toyline... Super7 can only do Genghis Frog and Napoleon Bonafrog from the vintage line... unless they can "Classicize" the other two (Attila and Rasputin being made witha combo of parts from Genghis and Napoleon) then NECA is our only source for Punk Frogs.

Chrome Dome is almost tempting, but if I'm totally honest, I'd rather get the Super7 one.

Speaking of Super7... they've been awfully quiet after the Donatello sale.

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