Dec 31, 2020

Random Things I would like to see on Super7's TMNT Ultimates.

 With Wave 2 on my hands and it being fresh in my mind, I'm  going to ramble on things that I'd like to see on the line. Yes, it's partly another excuse to plug the Bucket of Mousers idea.

Bucket of Mousers: 
This one is rather obvious: The Mouser we got from Baxter, but times ten or twelve. It just makes sense.

Oroku Saki head:
Again, another obvious item that we need. Before anyone complains about it, need I remind you of 1993 Mutatin' Shredder. Since it's highly unlikely that a transforming figure is made, then getting the head in an accessory pack OR an actual Oroku Saki figure would be great.

Casey Jones unmasked:
This would be an obvious nod to Mirage Casey, since Toon Casey didn't remove his mask... worst case scenario would be a Casey repaint in Mirage colors (red crop top, blue pants, white shoes) with brown golf bag/weapons and extra unmasked head. Here I'm assuming that normal Casey has a removable head... (chances are he won't because the universe hates me)

It's a classic toy AND the perfect excuse to pop in some extra hands. A Hang Loose hand for each turtle and a Pointing hand as well. Or simply a pair of Hang Loose hands and we save the pointing/ninja pose hands for something else. And yes, I said plural because there are 2 variations of the Cheapskate.

"Weapon packs":
Unlike the MOTU Weapon Packs, what I'm doing is something different:
Like say: Mikey Nunchucks 2.0 with string, or the twirling chucks that NECA and Ultimate Panthro have. Maybe clip-on effects to the various blasters from Baxter, foot soldier, etc. Clip on slash effect for swords.
Maybe toss some Kunai and some traditional ninja 4 point shuriken. Maybe toss in the infamous ooze canister and 4 turtles on it... uless that's being saved for a Hamato Yoshi figure. (1992 Mutatin' Splinter allows for a Hamato Yoshi figure to exist)
Then there are extra things they could toss in like a Rocksteady knife for Leatherhead, extra bear traps. The idea is to improve the releases with extras. If they do Usagi, toss in a naginata for Donnie.

Keeping the potential for customization via later releases open:
For example not having a removable head on the foot soldier was a missed opportunity . First, chooping off a robot's head on a display is fun.
Second, it could've allowed for a second battle damaged head to be uswd as an incentive to buy a less popular figure/variant. Splinter not having a removable head was another opportunity lost. Even if they don't do a 2.0 head for a character having the option to swap the head should always be there... even if the head is third party.

Wacky Weapons:
The two I'm looking for are Foot Clan mini playsets that involve Ooze. Emphasis on the term MINI PLAYSETS. This is not a ginormous playset like snake mountain. Oozey and Flush-o-Matic are roughly a figure tall and wide, so they shouldn't be THAT Expensive.

That's all I can think of... got to go and prep because I have to work on Jan 1st.

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