Dec 26, 2020

Super7 and the Classicizer

 Remember the Classicizer excuse by good ol' Scott the Toyguru/professional "writer" Neitlich? Yeah, good times... Super7 has access to TMNT characters and so far they have been Improved Articulation on the vintage toys but in MOTUC Scale... We know that they can make stuff outside of the toys, like say Archie Comics characters... Not so sure if they can do toon characters that weren't in the vintage line... but I will use the Punk Frogs as an example.

In the toon and upcoming NECA line, they were four similar frogs... the vintage Genghis Frog is the only one of the vintage toys whose appearance is very close to the toon.

Napoleon Bonafrog, on the other hand looks like a horny toad... So my questions are:
-Can Super7 do Attila and Rasputin?
-If so, do they get some creative freedom, or do they have to adhere to some rules like "Mattel's Classicizer"?

The second point is important because, I'd be disappointed if they were 2 plain Repaints of Genghis for "Toon accuracy". Personally, I'd rather have the "Classicizer" approach and reimagine Attila and Rasputin as a "1994 Redemption wave" fun fact: 1994 was the first year of the line becoming purely Turtles, Shredder, April, Rocksteady and Bebop variants only line.

Like say, making Attila out of a modified Napoleon body with the lower arms, lower legs fron Genghis, and new head. This would make him a sort of Giant Bullfrog-like character. For Rasputin we could go for a mostly Genghis redeco with hew head and torso. (His quiver needs to plug into the torso) Remember that Tokka was a Slash redeco from the neck down. 

The other reason I ask about "accuracy to the source" is because of Irma... The toy is in garish colors compared to the toon. IF we were to get her, could we get her in the "Jeanette Miller" colors from the toon instead of the Red, yellow, and green Rastafarian mess that was the vintage toy.

 But we shall see what happens...

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