Feb 25, 2021

Street Fighter has sunken to a new low:

 Ryu and Chun Li have ctossed over to...

Fork Knife!!

That clip sums up my feelings. I know taking potshots at Fortnite is the lowest hanging fruit kind of thing. But Fortnite DESERVES some of the hate.

This image is the perfect description of all that's wrong with Fortnite.
They take characters from different properties and show ZERO RESPECT to them.

Why in the Hell would Kratos or Ryu use Guns!? It doesn't make sense to have them.
The Contra Guys, Solid Snake, Megaman X, Dante, any of the Resident Evil Team, Nathan Drake, Ellie, or Roid Rage Golfer Abby would make far much more sense than Ryu or Kratos. Hell even Sam Porter Bridges makes more sense to have in Fortnite since he builds stuff and shoots people. 

Unlike, say, Super Smash bros. where the characters play like the characters but adapted to the Smash gameplay, or let's go obscure and SAY Ehrgeiz, where the FF7 characters (read Cloud and Tifa) were adapted from their turn based origins into a 3d fighter. In Fortnite, your character may LOOK like Ryu, but it's NOT Ryu. It doesn't act in any way Ryu would. Epic doesn't care about respecting the characters. All they care is how can they lure more suckers to pay for the upgrades on their "free game".
But not all the blame lies in Epic. In this case, Crapcom is to blame for whoring themselves out!
Akuma on Tekken was made tastefully and respectful to Akuma. This... well, if Yoshinori Ono hadn't left Capcom last year; I would've blamed him for this and wish to metaphorically kick him in the dick.
As long as the properties are treated respectfully, crossovers are fine.

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