Feb 23, 2021

Walmart is getting a Super Shredder variant:

 It's not costums accurate though. It isn't the Chef Boiardi black one. It's a... I'd better show ya.

This brand New version of Super Shredder is called Shadow Master.

What's a Shadow Master?

This almost looks Screen Accurate.
Far much better than the costume accurate

There is another TMNT Exclusive, which will be like a Loot Crate, but on Walmart. It's based on the pinball game art. Supposedly it'll have a Shredder too. This would be perfect for me, since I need a Toon inspirwd Shredder for my NECA (and SH FIGUARTS) Toon TMNT.

Seriously, NECA should give us the option to buy a bunch of Mousers and Roadkill Rodneys.

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