Apr 25, 2023

Come mr. Ferryman ferry my banana... Yuna is dancing to the Beetlejuice Soundtrack

 And Haley Joel Osment saw it. Harry Belafonte... Civil Rights Activist and notoriously known for the Banana Boat Song...

Has unfortunately, passed away. He was 96. My condolences to friends and family. I won't talk much about his activism, since the article I linked speaks of it far better than I could... and it's totally not because all I knew of him was 

Mainly the Beetlejuice Soundtrack. So, I'm not making Beetlejuice references or using clips from the movie out of respect to the deceased. Once I publish this post, I'm going to do some internet reading of his activism in order to satisfy my curiosity. I mean, the dude hung out with MLK, Mandela, and even grilled Beyoncé for not doing enough for the community.

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