Apr 17, 2023

Super7 Fugitoid: a Rant

 The "Playmates embargo" could Theoretically be bypassed for the Fugitoid. This is due to a single appearance as a generic enemy in TMNT3: The Manhattan Project.

The body would receive some tweaks like losing the hinged panel, which is exclusive to the Playmates version, and the vintage weapons. We can get away with the colors from the NES game and the body shape from pretty much every version of the Fugitoid, since they follow the Mirage design.

Going purely on the NES Game details, the figure would looks something like this. Pardon the crudely edited image, but the bulb-like things on his legs would have to be eliminated. Heck, most of his body would be streamlined to look more like its mirage counterpart. His torso might be able to keep SOME of the toy detailing, since it shows on the NES Sprites. The end product might look like a Mirage Fugitoid Limbs attached to a Playmates-esque torso with a red and gold NES Palette.

 For accessories  I think that hands are obvious. I don't thibk that he warrants any extra heads, BUT even so, his head should be removable. But we're missing the OTHER accessories, since he's rather small and we need to make him feel $55...

I swear if Nefty dares to say add little guys I'm going to lose it...

Add little guys...
Take it away Jotaro kuJo

Fugitoid wouldn't get his vintage accessories since the "Playmates embargo" would block them... but his lack of accessories allows for adding things: enter the little guys...

You just said that.

I know, I'm repeating it so we don't get another Muckman with just 2 hands and the trashzooka.
These guys could be about the size of the non- mitated Turtles we got, so not that big. Personally, I'd prefer it in Mouser colors, BUT getting one first in Fugitoid colors, then when a "Technodrome defense accessory pack" is released we'd get them in normal colors (because there they'd be plural.)
Hell, a gold Mouser ans an accessory would be kinda cool. Just look at the games for the small robotic enemies

Then we have the eventual "redeco"...

Using the GITD Mouser color scheme for the Fugitoid.

But if Playmates stops being a little bitch about everything, we could get the vintage accessories for the Fugitoid.

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