Apr 15, 2023

It came from the Toy Chest: This is the work of an Enemy Stand...


By Enemy Stand I mean a MOTU Themed Stand made by someone who Isn't Mattel.

Ramen Toy, the ones who were making a figure of a vertically challenged clambaked loon who hastily retreats whenever he has homoerotic thoughts... they were hit with a cease and desist from the guy's people. I mean the dude threatened Funko for a Pop! Of his character.

They made a Stand for MOTU Figures. They have 2 upcoming tmnt themed stands... I mean random NYC alley and sewer stands.

I mean it's a stand and has interchangeable pegs (that I won't use, since I want this as a weird movie prop to have in the eventual second time around diorama that I have on the backburner)

The stand feels sturdy and it can fit figures from various lines like say Masters of the Universe Origins, masterverse, and Masters of the Universe classics just to name a few. 

Classics Nefty-kun is back!!

Eat your milk, say your vitamins and drink your prayers, brother!

Teela:*sniffs* My chocolate treat smells like cherries... mmmmm!
Diana: Help me...

There isn't much that I can say about it I mean it's a stand that looks like the Vintage card back of Masters of the Universe figures. Well I can mention that the piece that you use to connect multiple stands together actually looks like the new chest Insignia that Heman is using. You know the one, the weird HM Fusion that has been used since the '80s for the variants like Battle Armor He-Man, Thunder punch He-Man, Flying Fists He-Man just to name a few.

Personally I wouldn't recommend buying too many of them because they occupy a bit of space. Now if you wanted to display a single figure somewhere like say, on your office desk then I would totally recommend the stand and using the included Peg.

This is a Cam Clarke reference

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