Apr 15, 2023

Custom Don the Undercover Turtle update

 As I mentioned in the Undercover Raph's review, I planned to make a Don the Undercover Turtle inspired custom in case Super7 couldn't make an official figure and Turn the Raphael body into a Nightwatcher or something similar... still on the planning part. Here's what I've learned in the process.

I should've taken pics of the process, but the rant was something I just thought up. Sadly, I didn't think of that at the time.

Do NOT try to use the Normal Donatello head with the hat. I did. It doesn't look bad but I had to dremel the inside of the hat a little and use a ton of e6000 glue to kinda hold the hat in place. I'm trying to avoid mutilating the Don head by adding some small screws in order to create an epoxy putty peg that would bond the hat to the head. It's easier to remove the hat from the Raph head and repaint it in Donatello colors. I simply didn't want to paint and I wanted the Raph head for the Raph body, because reasons...

Foot Soldier rack knife actually works since it's soft and light. It can be held by the straps on Donny's harness without issues.

I still haven't gotten balloons to use for elbow pads. I might be a but torn about the issue since, I'm liking the normal trenchcoat look a bit more than the Don the Undercover Turtle 
Exposed pads look. Then again, I already said that I wasn't going to break the sleeve like Don the UCT.

I'm experimenting with Bobby pins to make Donatello's microphone. Maybe even considering getting third party revolvers... Wrestling Superstore, I'm looking at you... in order to make Donatello's fake gun. 

I need to get a lightweight epoxy putty like Procreate to attempt to make The Mask that Don wears... but a full head version with no hat... mainly because access to UC Raph hats is a bit expensive and making molds to make resin hats is too cost prohibitive.
It's not a 100% accurate look, but it's reaching 
the minimum threshold for passable.

On a slightly unrelated note, since I have spare Donatello weaponry, I'm going to experiment on mimicking Diana's spin staff effect with Donatello by using clear plastic from window packing, translucent paints and arts and crafts my way into  that. 

If we get deprived from Don the Undercover Turtle, I got myself covered. 

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