Apr 21, 2023

SF 6 Demo is out on Playstation and

 I have mixed feelings about it. The de.o is obviously VERY limited. The character creation tool is decent... it's not on the Smackdown! games level, but it's a lot better than Expected. It still takes some time to get used to it and I have to wonder if there are far more parts being held back. The World Tour mode where you ise your created chatacter reminds me a lot of Dragon Ball Xenoverse with a Street Fighter twist. 

I'm not too fond of the "Super Smash Bros. wannabe" Modern controls, but the demo kinda forces you on it. The Drive mechanics will make competitive gaming very interesting. Right now i don't feel TOO rushed to get the game. I CAN DEFINITELY WAIT for Christmas for it... unlike Nintendo's TLoZ Tears of the Kingdom. But even if Nintendo wasn't releasing a Zelda game close to this game's release (I know there's like a month or two between them), I would still wait, since I got burned with SFV. 

I think that my following statement might be a bit controversial. I found World Tour to be much better than the actual game itself, to the point that I believe Capcom should make World Tour a sister series to Street Fighter. I mean kinda like Rival Schools, but the focus would be on old and new characters and the Create a Fighter feature. The latter being the main focus. You get say, 20 slots of existing characters (all made just like the created fighters, so there's no marked difference between customer created characters and Capcom Characters. 

I mentioned old characters, because some random SF character, could appear, like say Dan Hibiki, Karin Kanzuki, Retsu, Joe, El Fuerte, Scott, and Max... just to mention some unimportant randos and Dan... who would serve as the tutorial for the World Tour Mode. The character creation tool should be overhauled to the point that you should be able to choose all your moves:
Basics, specials, supers, etc.
Heck you could even create the ending text that would display next to various preexisting ending animations. Like say: Wanderer, has your character walking down an empty path like Ryu. Wedding has your character kissing their fiancee on an outdoors wedding (straight and non straight weddings could be made) Fame is the ending where your character is gloating about money and merchandising.
Death is self explanatory, but your character dies. So on and so forth.

But a very important thing is that the created movesets have to be balanced. At the moment I don't have a concrete idea on how to do this, so I won't go deep into it. But back to SF6...

It kind of feels like the game is trying to reinvent Street Fighter for a new generation. I'm not so sure how well it'll do but this old fart is a little interested in seeing how things will go.

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