Apr 16, 2023

Mexican SJW are trying to cancel Bowser, King of the Koopas

 Yes, they're trung to hitch a ride with super Mario's popularity by claiming that Bowser is sexist, misogynistic, and promotes the stalking and harassment of women... almost as if he was a villain.

Apparently, the SJWs are butthurt because Bowser is relatable... Yes, Bowser is a Turtle-Dragon hellbent in world domination and has killed, enslaved, and done other things in hos quest to rule. At the same time, he's a socially inept dork, who is trying too hard to impress a girl the wrong way. Again, he's the villain. OF COURSE HE'S GOING TO HAVE WARPED MORALS, hence the "misogynistic" approach he has. But again, he's a socially inept Turtle-Dragon. Socially inept people have cringy behavior often impulsed by skewed versions of social norms. We've all had our cringy phase. ESPECIALLY WHEN DEALING WITH UNREQUITED LOVE. That's what's so relatable about Bowser. He's the Band geek who's fallen in love with the Head Cheerleader and is doing everything and anything to get her attention. He's the dork who's been reading the PUA BS to try and manipulate the female psyche to his whim.

Bowser's behavior is not the relatable part. What's relatable are his motivations, his feelings. He's basically a warped version of Meat Loaf in I'd do Anything for You... He's deeply infatuated by this "impossible girl" or at least the concept of the girl and not the actual girl. Oh no, I'm going to overanalyze Peacher, aren't I?

I'm tempted but no: if you want to read an analysis of the lyrics, here you go

All of his actions are attempts to convince her that he's the perfect man (Turtle-Dragon) for her, or to impress her. But he has barely interacted with her until he finally captures her. He doesn't know her, but he loves whatever fantasy he created about her in his head. Those of us who have had a socially inept phase KNOW where he comes from and can relate due to our experiences. That doesn't mean that we approve of his genocidal ways. I include myself here because I'VE BEEN ON A MORE REALISTIC VERSION OF HIS SITUATION. Everyone who has a shred of common sense understands that Bowser is completely wrong on how he copes with his feelings. Also, if he did everything the righr way, he wouldn't be the villain. 

Now if your kid is emulating Bowser, that's the part where you do the Parent thing and explain why Bowser's actions are wrong. The people complaining about this are about 35 years too late.

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