Apr 11, 2023

Rat King is officially out and Karai is officially in.

 We got the official notice and we have to contact Super7 if we preordered Rat King to:

-Swap him for Karai
-Keep him preordered and he'll ship with wave 11
-ask for a refund

I, of course! asked to get Karai instead. 

Hory shet she gets an actual Kusarigama in addition to the weird kama. I am slightly disappointed that they didn't use the kunai from Sewer Samurai Leo.

We get a second Unmasked head AND A third Foot Ninja head... that could be repainted and by using Ninja April's arms, a new alt. head, Ninja clawed hands (think SF2 Matador) we could have a Vintagized Jennika pre-mutation.

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