Apr 20, 2023

*Schwarzenegger noises intensify* guess who will be hitting Netflix soon?

 He's back! Now he's Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition... no, that's the name of his new Netflix show: FUBAR

I'm getting True Lies vibes from this trailer. This moght be a good thing, but at the same time it's Netflix... we saw what they did to Power Rangers... dammit, I guess I found another reason to NOT cancel Netflix.

It's coming soon... I guess Arnold must have been cumming left and right in preparation for this series... 

This line better make it somehow... the trailer already showed a variation on I'll be back... I bet that getting into a helicopter will be referenced and if a character is on a diet, we could get

But of course, these are mandatory.  In any case, I should check this out in May...

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