Apr 9, 2023

Super7 Super Shredder the Super rant?

 The Playmates Legal Limbo is putting a screeching halt on many items... so far wave 10 still has Bishie Rat King as an item and hasn't been replaced by Karai... wouldn't be surprised if S7 sends a sorry we fucked up accessory pack like they did with Thundercats.

Playmates Toys made Super Shredder by taking a Wacky Action Slice n Dice Shredder figure and put some new arms and legs on it to make the body. New head and spikes completed the figure. This makes the Super Shredder a figure MUCH SMALLER than the lanky normal Shredder.

Since Super7 attempts to have a somewhat coherent scale amongst the figures, we have Rocksteady and Bebop being larger than the Turtles. So far Krang is the only one "out of scale" which means the Android Body might be out of scale or end up with a smaller Krang that would truly be in scale. But what does it mean for Super Shredder?

Like I've said lots of times, this would mean a Mumm-Ra sized body for Super Shredder. While a Normal bulkier "Thundercats Ultimates" body could work he would still be normal sized, but roided out. But, I'd rather have them do this when tackling the potential 4 armed Shredder. That Mumm-Ra sized body allows Super Shredder to feel special... but the Playmates Style blockade is an issue and making a Movie Accurate Super Shredder would be stepping too close on NECA's toes... so the only thing left is:

Using Shredder's Revenge's own take on Super Shredder as a template.
It's close to the movie design, but not quite. It sports less claws than the movie or Playmates design. If more claws are needed, Konami is here to the rescue!

Using the amount of spikes from konami, while taking most visual cues from Shredder's Revenge, we get a more toyetic Super Shredder that is acceptable despite the Playmates Style blockade. While I'd prefer the saw blade styled spikes on Super Shredder, the clean style from Shredder's Revenge looks good as well.

But what about accessories?
Playmates had a Spiked mace, a pair of Ooze cannisters, and a communicator.
The Ooze Cannister is needed to justify the transformation. We have already one of those or more depending on the amount of bought Mousers. 
Since the other Playmates accessories can't be made. (Communicator gets a cartoon justification) then I've suggested Shredder's original weapons mutated: here's what I'd do:
I turned the Kama into a Kusarigama. The weight at the end should have spikes that are inspired, but not equally arranged to the Playmates mace. Also, I purposely made the chain short, because that's the size I'd guess Super7 might go for and I'll end up swapping the chain.
The 3 pronged pushknife is bigger with a spiked center blade.
The kama has a shape inspired by the Sichishito, a legendary ceremonial blade.
The katana is now a nodachi. It's supposed to look big even in Super Shredder's hands.
The 5 point star shuriken should be oversized... and be two. I only drew one for convenience.

Add the Ooze cannister, a bunch of hands:
Vertical hinge gripping hands 
Horizontal hinge gripping hands
Relaxed open hands
Dramatic open hands
Ninja 2 finger pose.

If we want to be extra, the Ooze canister should glow in the dark and the non glowing parts painted over... Eyes should have GITD white Paint. Maybe add some removable GITD ooze globs that can be put on the head and dramatic open hands to display a recently mutated Super Shredder.

Of course, this lends itself for a couple of redeco/ repaints...
Obvious redeco #1 would be full GITD Shredder: blue GITD for the body with a blue GITD paint wash. White GITD plastic for the spikes and hands. Eyes painted with green GITD paint. Same accessories in GITD Plastic.
Redeco #2 could be the OG shredder colors (blue spikes, shirtless, purple bandages and black legs.) BUT in order to entice customers to buy this Shredder, we add some different accessories: 
Mutated arsenal is out and so are the Super Shredder Sized ooze globs. Instead I start with:
Extra Oroku Saki screaming head with GITD ooze globs for his open hands and head (meant to be used in Normal Shredder. Clear GITD Super Shredder helmet that the Saki head can wear. (The idea is to make the hemet be created by the mutation)  

Now the following accessories are *inspired but not identical* to his elemental attacks from Turtles in Time.
Fireball attack... think something like Dhalsim's Yoga Fire but not coming from Shredder's mouth. This attack required a stand.
Wind slash attack hand. (Like the slash attack from Figma Skyward Sword Link, mixed with ML Cap shield throwing hand.)
Ice Projectile that plugs to the already mentioned stand. 
Last but not least a shockwave attack.

This redeco is meant to be an exclusive for one of the big etailers (Entertainment Earth or BigBadToystore). I'd call it Elemental Master Super Shredder.

Redeco #3 would be for the OTHER etailer that didn't get #2 (these shouldn't be released at the same time. Say #2 is released in early 2025, then #3 should be released in mid 2026)
The colors would be closer to the Redeco Shredder from wave 9 but with a paintjob simulating his outfit mutating into Super Shredder's (think something along the lines of a symbiote creeping up on Shredder's bare chest while the purple is leaving the crotch area to join the legs and his cape is now black as the purple from the cape is making the shirt and sleeves. Shredder gets his jormal helmet in silver as the purple fades away from the mask revealing black.
For accessories we start with a second head, being Oroku Saki looking horribly disfigured by his mutation, hence the full mask. His weapons should be in translucent black plastic with Silver accents as if they're materializing out of thin air.
The only returning weapon is the sword. The rest of the weapons would be new:
-Javelin (a nod to the 1990 movie)
- a Fuuma Shuriken with stand
- a broken off piece of wood (nod to the pier from SOTO.) It should have holes that fit the fingers from Shredder's dramatic hands.
- green Flames (nod to Shredder's Revenge)

Each redeco brings something different to the table. The completist ends up being the true winner... or the one who at least buys all minus the GITD. Later down the line vanilla Super Shredder could get an Upgrade pack with the accessories from the 2 redecos... around early 2028. 

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