Apr 24, 2023

Hasbro and Mattel collaboration... did I woke up in Bizarro World?

 Mattel will be able to do Transformers UNO cards and Hasbro will be able to do a Barbie Monopoly... now that I look at it, it sounds less impressive than I thought. 

I was expecting something like: GI Joe Vehicles for Hot Wheels, MOTU vehicle Themed Transformers, or... Barbie and friends disguised as Transformers. I mean Barbie and friends as Transformers would be amazeballs:
Barbie is of course Optimus Prime
Ken is Megatron
Midge is Soundwave with plug in baby belly that has the baby dressed up as Ravage.
Skipper is Bumblebee
Alan is Starscream
Christie is Jazz
Ricky is Hot Rod/Rodimus
Courtney as Arcee

And Barbie Transformers would be cool... I mean robots that turn into Barbie vehicles... but I'd rather get GI Joe Classified Barbie characters... Barbie and Ken have joined the war against Cobra. Ken could be made from parts that could be used for Chuckles, maybe reuse some Shipwreck parts and Barbie could be a kitbash from other female figures. Picturing a Scarlett redeco with Cover Girl's Bomber jacket and loads of pink... or He-Man and Skeletor on GI Joe Classified  something something Cobra opens an interdimensional portal to Eternia and we get 6 MOTU characters in Classified style... 

But this crossover is on the lamer side, so MOTU Guess Who? is the best we can wish for.


I forgot that Hasbro owns Power Rangers now... Barbie themed Power Rangers could be a thing, or Power Rangers Turbo Hot Wheels.

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