Apr 14, 2023

Making a case for Agent Bishop in TMNTU

 I know that he's a 2003 creation and not in the original run of toon and comics for TMNT, BUT I believe he has a lot of potential for storytelling purposes. I know he's not exactly the most toyetic design... he's basically a nod/parody of the infamous Men in Black... cue the fresh cuck's video... well, that is if we go for the basic MIB look for Bishop. Using the what if he was made in the 1980s idea, we could tweak Bishop into a more Toyetic version. From the 2k3 toon, we know that Bishop is over 100 years old and he was genetically enhanced by the Greys. He's a MIB/Nick Fury parody/homage. He even has a Battle suit like Fury... and this is where I'd start:
As you can see we have 2003 Bishop in his Battle Suit. Also with a Trenchcoat, which we should keep in consideration.
Using 80s styled aesthetics, his suit is too dark.
The Metallic parts would be shiny silver, to make them pop. The cables would be eliminated to avoid breakage due to the "non action feature" of removable soft goods coat and then there's the whole articulation thing.
The grey areas on the side of his torso (surrounded by the red energy pattern) would become a greyish purple. The rest of the black in hos body should be a combination of flat, gloss, and metallic blacks. (Flat on the cloth areas, glossy on the glasses and boots, metallic on the armored bits and gloves) I'm keeping most of the black  just so he can still be considered a "Man in black". Otherwise the 80s aesthetics demanded more blues, greys and some gold and copper elements in the metallic parts in order to reduce the black. 

For accessories, he'd get a bunch of blasters.
A handgun type, a machinegun type, a sniper rifle type, and a lazer knife. These accessories would be bright red matching his energy and a nifty battle helmet in bright red... IF he had been made in the 80s. 
Now for 2020s, bright solid red weapons would look bad. So, his weaponry would be mostly black, gunmetal, and red accents. The battle helmet would be one of the alternate heads.

The only thing missing is the coat: a generic black trenchcoat which is used to hide the battle suit.

Now that you have an idea of a Vintagized Bishop, let's list the accessories for a S7 Ultimates version:
I mentioned his blasters and knife. But let me go into detail here:
-handgun: a Laser blaster that looks like a stylized Desert Eagle
-rifle: a Laser rifle inspired by the m4 carbine that should be able to connect with Bishop's knife to turn the rifle into a Bayonet. The advantages of a laser rifle over a handgun styled blaster are increased rate of fire, requiring less cooldown time between blasts, increased ammo capacity, and at Agent Bishop's request, they can be turned into bayonets with the usage of a vibroblade.
-Sniper Rifle: a high powered laser sniper rifle visually inspired by the a5. This one is not meant for close quarters combat due to its long charge time.
-vibroblade knife: a knife made out of alien metals that vibrate at a frequency that can slice through most solid matter, as long as an electric current power the blade up. No electricity, the blade is as good as a standard combat knife. It looks like a bayonet knife with some techno kibble on the back and on the handle.
-Freedom: A Liberator type blaster. 

Now for the hands:
Bishop would have more hands than normal
You get the standard gun grips with vertical and horizontal hinges.
You get a set of fists for punching.
You get a set of wider c grip hands meant to hold the rifles in ready carry... *reminder that I'm not a gun expert, so I'm going from what I've read and seen on documentaries and in Mail Call with the late Watermelon destroyer, R Lee Ermey.
Pointing hands
Dramatic pose hands
Relaxed hands without gloves

Now the heads:
-Normal Bishop head with removable sunglasses. (Black, and pseudovintage red)This head is meant to be his look with the trenchcoat without the battle suit headgear.
-battle suit Bishop head. This one has the chinstrap and the gear protecting the back of his head  and the goggles.
-full helmet head. It's self explanatory.

This covers Bishop as a toy. Now as a character, we can use a combination of the 2003 and new elements. The idea that an Union Soldier gets abducted and experimented on returns to Earth and uses his newfound Super Powers to create a Shadow Branch of the Government to weed out Supernatural Elements in order to defend the Earth seems like a cool idea for a new faction.
With Bishop making inhuman experiments with cloning, cybernetics, genetic engineering to create weapons against any invaders. 
This lends itself to adding characters from other sources like the scrapped 4th live action movie that has a bunch of cyborgs as potential villains.
Kirby can easily start as a Slash base. The rest of the Cyborgs could be used as Bishop's special off-the books hit squad. Some of the designs are a bit bizarre. 

Bishop opens the door to new character that we were supposed to get in the past that were canned because of reasons. If Karai allows for new stuff to enter TMNTU, then Bishop should be one of those new additions.

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