Apr 12, 2023

Super7 and Kunoichi: a rant

With Karai and Ninja April, we have the first 2 Kunoichi in the line. I've mentioned that with some creative parts reuse, and some new pieces an Ultimates Aska is doable. In addition, with Karai, it's easier to make an Ultimates Jennika.

There's a 5th Kunoichi that could be made, in theory... the proto-Karai, Lotus Blossom. Yes, I know NECA made a Lotus Blossom. But that's a Cartoon Accurate Lotus Blossom. I'm thinking of a "What if Playmates Toys had made a Lotus Blossom figure"?  I would assume that a Playmates Lotus Blossom would be the head and limbs from Princess Mitsu and a vew torso and crotch. So, taking that into consideration, here's my recipe for a Theoretical Ultimates Lotus Blossom:
Limbs and crotch would be the same as Karai.
A new torso inspired by the toon look.
New heads:
Toon accurate head
Masked ninja head
Ponytailed head with headband (this would be a nod to the Playmates Mitsu head that would be the theoretical inspiration for the figure)

Her color scheme would be mainly grey as the toon version, but she'd have black wraps with lavender accents like belt, headband, sandals. The lavender is a tie in to her signature Lotus flower. 

For accessories: 
-Same hands as Karai
-Splinter bow and arrows
-Sewer Samurai swords, scabbard, kunai and shuriken.
-Karai's Kusarigama
-Ninja Blowgun
-Lotus Flower

I kept most of her accessories from preexisting items for the sake of having that kitbashed feel that some later figures had. 

That would complete the human Kunoichi... but not all TMNT Kunoichi are human...
Venus, Jennika, and Turtle April could potentially share the same body... I know that it would be inaccurate to Turtle April, but I'm trying to milk the hell out of the Female Turtle body. Which Playmates would've done back in the day if female turtles were introduced.

But I wonder if The Loyal Subjects first axn line getting the rights to IDW TMNT would stop Super7 from  accessing IDW Characters.

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