Apr 8, 2023

Roadkill Rodney: a Theoretical accessory pack rant

 Shredder's Revenge is an available source for Super7 to pull TMNT Characters from. There are larger characters ie Traag that could be made from there if Playmates stuff is still no go. Personally, I'd prefer a Shredder's Revenge version of Traag over a Playmates Toys version. But I digress, we're here to talk about Roadkill Rodneys... most of images sourced from the Spriter's Resource 

Rodneys should be taller than Mousers. Since we now have Shredder's Revenge as a source, there's no need to alter their design to "Playmates-ize them" like I did on a previous rant. Though some of my OG ideas could still be used. (Like: The drilling out piece not being a head, but an independent piece so your army of 3 Rodneys can theoretically be 6 with 3 above ground and 3 more drilling their way out of the ground)
The best thing about These Rodneys is that their head is where they pop out a blaster that could be used for their laser and for grenades. This should be an alternate head. Also, this helps Super7 to differentiate themselves from the Rodneys by NECA. So we have 3 Rodneys, 3 Drilling from underground accessory, 3 stands, 3 alternate heads, and 6 tentacles (2 short, 2 medium, 2 large) which theoretically should be enough for a figure... but I find it a bit lacking, so let's add 6 extra unrelated accessories. These will be smaller accessories, but not mini buddies. Those will be saved for another character... or the grenade launching Rodneys redeco.

For the 6 extra unrelated accessories:
-Evil Communicator. It's surprising we haven't gotten any of these.
-unbroken Ooze canister
-couple of bladed boomerangs (molded in foot soldier weapon grey. They'revideogames reference.)
- couple of dynamite sticks (again reference to foot soldiers in videogames)
-Thermite Grenade (getting them premade before the eventual Mirage Shredder repaint or the. Clone Shredder figure.)
-oversized chainsaw and sledgehammer (little IDW Reference for rock and bop)

Honorable mentions:
-Eye of Sarnath Shredder head. Almost the same old Shredder head, but the Eye of Sarnath would be embedded in the front. The Helmet would be silver with the fins blue and purple mask. That way it would be compatible with both releases of Shredder.
-1990 movie spear and dagger.
-Bandolier with machete for Rocksteady.
- Riot Shield as seen on Shredder's Revenge.

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