Apr 23, 2023

Leguizamo's butthurt about Mario and keeps making an ass out of himself

 Now he talks about considering joining the theoretical sequel if they become more inclusive.

Two things: 
-We don't want or need you, Leguizamo.
-The movie is pretty diverse already:
*Anya Taylor Joy is a SJW diversity multicultural checkmark filler plays Peach.
*Kevin Michael Richardson is Kamek... he's a PoC.
*Keegan Michael Key is Toad he's a BiPoC.
*Khary Payton is black and the Penguin King
*Foreman Spike is played by an actual Italian American, with Sebastian Maniscalco playing him. And no, even light skinned actors who aren't of Anglo-Saxon origin aren't white. Being of Italian Origin automatically makes them PoCs.
*Carlos Alazraqui, does additional voices... he's of Argentine ancestry...
*Eric Bauza, who is obviously of non-white ancestry is the Toad General.
*Phil LaMarr who is a PoC, does Additional voices.
*Lee Shorten who does Additional voices is Asian...
*Cree Summer who does Additional voices is a PoC.
*Nisa Ward who does Additional voices is a PoC.
*Ashly Burch who is of Thai ancestry does Additional voices.
*Fred Armisen who plays Cranky Kong has German, Korean and Venezuelan ancestry
*Charlie Day who voices Luigi has Italian Ancestry... 
*Jessica Di Cicco is of Italian American Ancestry, she plays Mario's Mom.
*John Di Maggio who plays Uncle Arthur is Italian American.
*Rino Romano who plays Uncle Tony is Italian Canadian
Now actors who have no pic on IMDB who worked on the movie that MIGHT NOT BE WASPs are:
*Daniel Mora, additional voices and name sounds Latin American.
*Django Craig, Additional voices... I just can't picture a Wonderbread dude named Django.

Out of a 37 people cast we have at least 17 who aren't WASPs. This gives us about 45.9% of the cast being of Non-White Anglo-Saxon Protestant origin. If we add the two I mentioned that I wasn't too certain about, the scales would tip to over 50% for the "non WASPs". 

But I know that Leguizamo's bitch ass would try to say that I padded the list with additional voices and secondary and tertiary characters...
Looking at the 7 most important characters we have: 
Mario: cracker
Luigi: not cracker
Peach: not cracker
Toad: not cracker
Bowser: cracker
Kamek: not cracker
DK: cracker
57% of the MAIN CAST being not crackers... and the female lead is kind of a Latina? And kind of an African as well? 

We could argue that an Italian American should've played Mario, but we don't NEED to cram Latinos where they don't belong. We made that mistake in 1993 by having a Latino play Luigi. To be fair to John Leguizamo, the whole movie was a Mistake... with him being the biggest miscast, but movie was garbage...
I mean the only good thing out of the movie was the late Dennis Hopper. La Familia Madrigal was correct about ignoring Leguizamo. Maybe it's time we did the same thing.

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