Apr 24, 2023

Making a Case for Carter and Lord Dregg

 I may not be one of the biggest fans of the "Red Sky" seasons, but they ARE a part of TMNT Lore and characters like carter and Lord Dregg didn't get any toys. Maybe Super7 can do something about it... Assuming the Playmates blockade is still going on, looking at the Red Sky seasons can give us an April Variant that isn't an "out there" concept... like a "Glam Rock April" that looks like a cross between Jem and Vixen... but that's not the topic at hand: it's Carter and Lord Dregg...

But Who ARE THEY, really? Carter is a human teen sidekick forced because reasons. He's an apprentice of Splinter. Meaning we get mostly reused accessories. Vintage Ninja rack stuff. For Unique weapons, I don't remember these seasons too much, but I think Tonfa would be nice, especially sonce we can give him Bladed tonfa for his mutated form. The obvious extra hands would be here. I would choose the following heads: Neutral expression, excited/angry expression and a Biker helmet with silver visor as a "third head".

Anyone knows where I could
find a 1:10 scale bike?

Carter's Mutated form is a smidge easier, since it would require a "MOTUC buck" as a base. That would make him look "big" next to a TMNT without getting to be "Mon*Star" (untransformed) big. 

For his accessories, bigger, badder versions of normal Carter's weapons would be the idea: Bladed tonfa made out of metal instead of wood a larger kama with longer sickle, sword sized katar blade, etc.
The usual hands and for heads a neutral expression and an angry screaming head.

The only one I'm having issues with is Lord Dregg. He has two looks, but one of them changes up way too much due to his powers.

We have this form, that is overdressed with the cape, the wrestling unitard, the poofy sleeved shirt and the leggins with weird ribbons wrapped around. Coupled with rhe cape, weird helmet to hold his massive noggin, and MOTU-esque Metallic boots... his second form is a bit more versatile, since he has shape-shifting arms and can produce weapons out of thin air.
This lends itself for cool accessories that can plug into his arms. He also has a laser sword, but couldn't find pics. Sadly, he is a bit of a big boy, meaning he would be more expensive than a normal figure. I'm guessing $75-$80 range.
April is there for size...

But wait there's more... He can make his two arms turn into 4. And after the Steelwill incident, I don't trust Super7 enough to deal with removable arms/torso to accommodate a Dregg with 2 or 4 arms.

For accessories the usual hands, his laser sword, couple of the weapons he used in the toon, maybe an extra head with light piping like Metalhead?

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