Apr 22, 2023

WB has a new promotion for Barbie the movie

 It's the Barbie Selfie Generator, now you can be a Barbie... or a Ken where you can upload a selfie or a pic of someone and it edits out the normal background to add a new Barbie themed background... it's a fun little thing, you can even add captions. Of course I've seen some folks misusing the app in the most horrible ways. I was going to share a few that I've seen online, but since Blogger has become a widdle bit too sensitive and marks everything as sensitive topics... some of those pics are a bit unflattering with instagram girls... so, here's a good and clean Barbie Selfie Generator pic that even Blogger won't bitch about "sensitive content".

Sure you can...

Sadly Aqua broke up and they won't be able to use this to troll Mattel. Their break-up was a mess that I won't touch here. 

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