Apr 8, 2023

Super Mario Bros. Is not a good movie.

 I ain't talking about the live action movie with the late Bob Hoskins, the late Dennis Hopper, and we don't talk about Leguizamo. I am talking about the animated movie from Illumination. It is not a good movie.

Yes, that's right. I said that the animated Super Mario Bros movie is not a good movie.

IF we only listen to Movie Critics that from the get go dismiss most animated featured that Don't involve Michael Theodore Mouse. Or who seem to ignore the paper thin plot of the source material when criticizing the paper thin plot of the movie. It's like they expect a story of a fat Italian American plumber walking to the right to save a princess from a giant fire breathing turtle to have the same scope of Crime and Punishment.

But this movie wasn't made for them. This movie was for those who dumped their quarters on Donkey Kong and Mario Bros. at their local pizza place while waiting for their order. This movie was made for the kids who got home from school and swung their arms from side to side from Monday to Thursday, because Friday was the day of royal apologies. This movie was made for the kids who got pissed at Toad because The Princess was in another Castle. This movie was made for the folks whose eyes shimmer and they get goosebumps when they hear any of the following tunes:
This classic, this dreamy song, this theatrical masterpiece, this scary theme, or the best shit just got real theme. This movie was made for fans of Super Mario throughout the ages. From the obscure retro Mario appearances like Wrecking Crew all the way to Super Mario 3D World AND Super Mario Maker. I would dare say that this movie was a love letter to Super Mario as a franchise in general.

Yes, the plot is paper thin and the characters are very 2D, BUT THAT IS STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE MATERIAL. This movie is chock-full of nods, easter eggs, and references to the Source Material. It embraced the silliness and campiness of the source material and rolled hard with it. It didn't try to Zack Snyder-ize Super Mario Bros. and turn it into a weird garbage of a movie like the one with the late Bob Hoskins, the late Dennis Hopper and we don't talk about Leguizamo. 

Illumination did Mario Justice... and as I said before, critically speaking it is NOT a good movie... but as a SUPER MARIO movie it kicks so much ass! And that's all it needed to do.

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