Aug 5, 2019

CW has a Batman...

Finally, after all these years, the Bat Embargo has been lifted. The arrowverse has a Batman...  not just any Batman but the best Batman.

Yes, boys and girls... Kevin Conroy will be playing Old Man Wayne in the CW crisis on Infinite Earths.
While he won't be Batman in his prime, he's an older Bruce Wayne who may or may not have a protegé BEYOND the Robins... See what I did there? Beyond... and Robins, because Burt Ward is in this and he could be an old Dick... Grayson, that is. Oh yeah, Superman Returns!
Yes, I KNOW Brandon Routh is The Atom, but Superman Returns Returns... Brandon Routh will wear the Supersuit that Tom Welling was afraid of wearing (before he ate Tom Welling... Lucifer reference, great show... also DC... Tecnically Vertigo, but owned by DC)
Seems like DC wants to end the arrowverse with a bang! (Not a reference to Static)

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