Aug 25, 2019

It came from the Toy Chest: Don't you know who I am? Я Джаггернаут, сука

By the Google translated reference; you can deduce the items for the review: 80th Colossus vs. Juggernaut 2-pack
Juggernaut: Avatar for Cyttorak on Earth. Nearly indestructible, he's known for being Unstoppable.

Colossus: Piotr Rasputin, farmer, artist, mutant with a resilient metal skin thar enhances his strength and durability.

This two pack is basically a Brawn vs Brawn Match.
Obviously Juggernaut is stronger but Colossus is Tough Enough  to slow down the Unstoppable.

 Now that I gave you a quick synopsis on who they are let's tackle the figures.

The Juggernaut figure is practically the same figure that I reviewed before. Main differences are color, extra hands and new heads.
Jugg: "Don't you know who I am?"
Kitty:"The Juggernaut bitch, we already know!"
Jugg: "I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"
Kitty: "That's what I said, you're the Juggernaut bitch!"
Jugg: "I'm the Juggernaut, you're the bitch!"
Kitty:"I'm the bitch? Are you sure about that?
Mr 'I need a magic gem to beat up a cripple'... YOU

Same as the BAF.  His articulation is limited due to mass and weight.
Jugg: "Where did the bitch go?"
Logan: "Careful, bub! You're squeezing my boys a bit too hard!"
Colossus: "Sorry, Comrade. I'm still not used to the Fastball Special!"
Logan:" Jes' toss me towards dickhead!"
Colossus: "I get it, because his head looks like a circumcized penis!"
Jugg: "Who the hell are you calling dickhead?"

 paint and sculpt
From the neck down he's literally the same figure as the previous build a figure Juggernaut.  he doesn't come with a belt, but I took the one from the BAF and put it on him.
He's got a brand new helmet that smooth and wider and looks more Juggernaut like.
Paintwise he's very red. Under some lights he looks burgundy, and in others he looks crimson. Great for his armor, bad for his hair. So I may have to repaint it to reduce the bad hairdye job look.
Colossus: " I must break you..."
Jugg: "That tickles!"

Extra grabbing hands
Extra beaten up head
Extra broken helmet
Seems reasonable enough for me.
Jugg: Who's the Bitch now?
Hulk: Rawr!Jugg: Oh crap!

Juggernaut gets a 4.5 as HIS final score. Since he's one half of a two-pack, we need to study Colossus.
Kitty and Colossus: *making out noises*
Logan: "Get a room, you two..."
Jubilee: "You know, that could totally be us!"
Logan: "Nuh-uh! Last time I banged a kid, she ended up
beating Thanos!"

For a big guy Colossus  is pretty poseable. If I were to nitpick about this figure I would say the legs being pretty weak at holding poses and lack of butterfly joints are the biggest turn-offs on this figure.
Ryu: "Hadoken!"

Paint and sculpt 
While he's not specific to any era, Colossus looks like the idea of Colossus. I absolutely love that he's so shiny.
Colossus:  "Ilyana, come live with me at the X Mansion."
Magik: "I have a home!"
Colossus: "Pegwarming at Walgreens isn't a home!"

Extra hands
There is not much that you can do with Colossus as he is aside from adding heads for different expressions and maybe a bunch more hands... but this is Hasbro not a Japanese company so it's okay for what we get.

Colossus also gets a 4.5 as his final score.

The 2 pack gets a 4.5 and let's face it. There isn't much that could've been done to improve on it.

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